Mobile Rock Drill with 4 hammers

  1. → Rock driller/Hammer: YT29A*4
  2. → Rated Track Length: 2*3m
  3. → Drilling Diameter: Φ34mm~Φ42mm
  4. → Max. Drilling Depth: 6m
  5. → Advance Device: Pneumatic Motor, Chain
  6. → Number of the Hole Hammer: 4
  7. → Total Weight: 1000KG

Pneumatic mobile rock drill

Rock drilling tools manufacturer ProDrill offfers totally 3 kinds of pneumatic mobile rock drills, also can design as customers’ requirement.

Available for horizontal, vertical and slantwise drilling, are mainly used in dimensional stone quarry to divide large blocks into smaller pieces, which is necessary to assist diamond wire saw machine working in quarries site.

  1. Light-weight mobile rock drill, equipped with rock drill 1*YT28 pusher leg rock drillor Atlas Copco YT29A. For both vertical drilling and horizontal drilling.
  2. Medium-weight mobile rock drill, equipped with 2 rock drills,YT24 or YT28 or Atlas Copco  YT29A. For both vertical drilling and horizontal drilling.
  3. Heavy-weight mobile rock drill, equipped with 4 hammers YT24 or YT28 or Atlas Copco YT29A. For vertical drilling only.

Mobile Rock Drill with 4 hammers-ProDrill

Horizontal pneumatic rock drill with rail.

A slide for horizontal drilling with cylinder-operated down feed or chain feed.

It is quickly positioned with wedge pins fixing method. It is ideal for drilling horizontal holes on the same flat of the quarries. The rock drill-holding slide is equipped with a central joint allowing fan-shaped drilling and with a bar anchorage allowing fast lateral moving. Horizontal pneumatic drilling sets including the follow parts:

  1. Pneumatic drilling slide with cylinder operated down feed or chain, start drilling with 3200 or 2400mm drill steel
  2. Control panel
  3. 5000mm guiding and leveling bar or pipe(optional).
  4. Pneumatic rock drill YT28 or YT29A ( Atlas Copco China factory)


The pneumatic mobile rock drill has following benefits:

■ It helps you to drill holes on a straight line, so you can save the blocks, increasing the daily output.

■ High drilling efficiency and low energy consumption, low maintenance cast.

■ Automatically operated, save labor cost.