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  • 38mm Tapered Cross Bit

    Carbide size:10*10.5*7mm——-Dia.30mm

  • CIR 90-110mm Low Air Pressure DTH Hammer Bit

    Code No.: CIR 90-110
    Diameter: 90mm
    Gauge Buttons: 6
    Front Buttons: 6
    Carbide Design: Ballistic
    Face Design: Convex
    Shank Type: CIR

  • Hex 15 Integral Drill Rod For Y6/Y8

    • Length: 250-300mm
    • Diameter: 16-20mm
    • Hex Shank Dia.: 15mm
  • Hexagon Drill Steel with Rubber Collar Sleeve

    19mm Hexagon Drill Steel Collar Sleeve
    22mm Hexagon Drill Steel Collar Sleeve

  • Hollow Hexagonal Drill Steel

    ProDrill Hollow Hexagonal Drill Steel has following advantages:

    1. High fatigue strength and toughness, high intension.
    2. High resistance to wear and permanent distortion.
    3. Industrial process of heat treatment.
    4. Uniform straightness, eliminating the need for straightening.
  • Integral Drill Steel-L800 D34

    • Technical data for Integral Drill Steels.
    • 1. Thermally wound shank for high abrasion resistance and longer lifespan
      2. Internal tube (for flushing) of corrosion-proof and indestructible steel
      3. Internal tube (for flushing) painted with special oil for corrosion and abrasion protection
      4. Steel have two grades:Normal material 95CrMo and Super material 40SiMnCrNiMo
      5. High precision, special bronze-brazing treatment.
  • Knock off tool for taper drilling tool

    The disassembly of the traditional tapered connecting drill is mainly to use the hammer to hit the drill body to loosen it and remove the drill bit.

    This method is not only inefficient, but also easy to remove during the disassembly process. Cause unnecessary damage to the drill tool.

  • Krupp D64 T45-690 HB101 Shank Adapter

    • Code No.: John Henry HB101,HB102.    Krupp HB101
    • Thread Type: T45
    • Length: 690mm
    • Rock Drill Type: John Henry HB101,HB102.    Krupp HB101
    • Rock Drill Manufacturer: Krupp
  • Placeholder
  • Plug Hole Integral Rod for Stone Work

    • Series 22: :
    • Length: 300-500mm :
    • Diameter: 22/24mm :
    • Hex Shank: 19*108mm:
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