See you in 2022, we will meet the early spring again, banquet, countdown!

Weekend after the show In the morning, I was eating Shacha noodles in Xiamen, while Have eaten noodles with fried bean and meat sauce in Beijing […]

Warmly welcome the leaders of the world’s top 500 Jinchuan Drilling Tools Factory to visit Xiamen Stone Fair!

When Xiamen Stone Fair, No. 1 in the world, In Haixi, in Ludao, it met on 520! A love that flies across the “stone” sky is vigorous! […]

On the first day of the Xiamen Stone Fair, see, the hot wind of the rock slabs is rising, and the slabs are on the cusp!

On May 15th, I wrote an article “In foreign trade, there is pressure in the inner circulation and resistance in the outer circulation. Where is your motivation?”. This […]

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