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  • Air Pushing Bag

    Quarry blocks pushing air bag is used to separate the marble, granite, stones(rock mass) block
    from the basic rock achieving a maximum opening of 45cm at the top. The air bag can separate the block
    (rock mass) which is having all side wire saw cut faces. The standard configuration set: Each set contains
    two air bags, with one set of air pipe & air control panel.

  • Calcium Oxide ( Calcium Hydroxide )

    Calcium Oxide ( Calcium Hydroxide ) is major chemical composition of High Range Soundless Cracking Agent ( HSCA ) which is applied for rock demolition without free surface , or enforce concerte demolishing like dam, bridge, studio cracking etc.


  • CrackMax High Range Soundless Cracking Agent (HSCA) for rock breaking

    Prodrill High Range Soundless Cracking Agent ( HSCA ) are Non-explosive demolition Agents for Rock breaking, concrete demolition in quarrying, mining and construction.

  • CRACKMAX Professional Expansive Mortar/Stone Cracking Powder

    1. Form:Powder
    2. Color:Gray
    3. Odor:None
    4. Density:3.2g/cm3
    5. Bulk Density:1150Kg/m3
    6. Vapor Pressure:No
    7. Flash Point:None
    8. Thermal Decomposition:None
    9. Hazardous Decompositon:None
  • Diamond Multi Wires for Granite Block Cutting

    Diamond wire is the latest and most interesting innovation in the field of diamond cutting tools. In constant growth, wire is used in quarrying, as well as in slabs cutting with single- or multi-wire machines, and in squaring and shaping natural stone (marble and granite).

  • Diamond Wire Cutters

    Model|-| HP-300B
    Output|-| 12T
    Contact Mould|-| 16-300mm2
    Ram Stroke|-| 18mm
    Length|-| 490mm
    Weight|-| 4.0kg

  • G18 G25 G30 Bearing Steel Grit for Granite Gang Saw

    Bearing steel grit is made by crushing forged bearing steel. It is initially developed and used for the stone sawing industry and now also well accepted for the blasting process due to its high performance. Compared with traditional steel grit made by crushing steel shot, bearing steel grit has the following features:

    • 1.  Made by crushing the Chromium bearing steel without any casting defects
      2. The sharp edges have higher mechanical property and good harden ability than usual cast steel grit
      3. Better used for Granite cutting
  • Gang Saw Blade,Steel Saw Blade for granite gang saw.

    The steel grooved saw blade is specially designed to be used on the new high gang-saws for producing large granite slabs, which are to work with cutting fluid mixed well by water, steel grit and lime together for cutting granite blocks.ProDrill

    steel blade consumption is 1-1.5cm per s.q.m,

    steel grit consumption 1.2-1.3kg per s.q. meter

  • Hydraulic Crimping Tools HB-300B for Diamond Multi Wire

    Brand new and high quality
    Secure and convenient tensioning
    High quality 16-320mm Hydraulic Crimper
    Wire cable crimping tools
    C shape crimping tool head, with safety equipment, manual hand operated.
    High speed hydraulic pressure working.
    Guaranteed quality with easy for operation.
    With safety valve inside for protecting crimping machine.
    Comes with crimping dies and plastic carrying box.

  • R32 high efficiency granite flame jet burner

    Flame Cutting is a way to cutting rocks with high efficiency and the character of easily operating. It is driven by the diesel oil as the fuel, air compressor as the supporter of combustion. In virtue of spraying, heating up, and burning, then forming high temperature through the spear mouth

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