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  • Carbon Dioxide Gas Splitter

    This new product is to replace the expension mortar using in cracking, which is more efficient, cheaper and more environmentally friendly. Moreover, this is different from explosives, but it uses the principle of gas expansion, so it will be safer.

  • Compact Diamond Wire Saw for Squaring

    Power Supply:380V/50HZ


    Driving Power:15-30

    Flywheel’s Diameter:500-600

    Wire Linear Speed:0-38 /0-40

    Feeding Power:0.75

    Rotation Angle:0-360°

    Net Weight:600-1100KG

  • CRACKMAX Professional Expansive Mortar/Stone Cracking Powder

    1. Form:Powder
    2. Color:Gray
    3. Odor:None
    4. Density:3.2g/cm3
    5. Bulk Density:1150Kg/m3
    6. Vapor Pressure:No
    7. Flash Point:None
    8. Thermal Decomposition:None
    9. Hazardous Decompositon:None
  • Diamond Multi Wires for Granite Block Cutting

    Diamond wire is the latest and most interesting innovation in the field of diamond cutting tools. In constant growth, wire is used in quarrying, as well as in slabs cutting with single- or multi-wire machines, and in squaring and shaping natural stone (marble and granite).

  • Diamond Wire For Granite Block Squaring

    1. The wire allows greater sawing heights than large discs. It is possible to cut large block by diamond wire;

    2. Thinner cutting width, and more precise;

    3. By virtue of its reliability, adjust the cutting techniques according to different stone material;

    4. Noise nuisance generated by diamond wire saw is significantly less than produced by other sawing techniques;

    5. Less noice, less pollution, noise generated by diamond wire saw is much less than discs cutting.

  • Diamond Wire For Granite Profiling

    1. To produce slabs in very short time

    2. To get the even and smooth slab

    3. To involve always low power consume and lesser raw material waste

    4. To have low- noise and friendly surroundings

    5. Easy manipulation and with low cost.

  • Diamond Wire For Marble Profiling

    · To process different kinds of complex bent surface

    · Having high cutting precision and smooth surfaces

    · Lesser raw material waste

    · To have low- noise and friendly surroundings

    · low cost.

  • Diamond Wire For Marble Quarry

    1. Large cutting size,  block regular

    2. High output and reduces the waste of quarry resource

    3. High working efficiency

    4. Safe and reliable working, no noise, no dust, environmental protection

    5. Easy quarry with low cost

    6. Other specifications, bonding design, faster custing speed are available upon customer’s requirements.

  • G18 G25 G30 Bearing Steel Grit for Granite Gang Saw

    Bearing steel grit is made by crushing forged bearing steel. It is initially developed and used for the stone sawing industry and now also well accepted for the blasting process due to its high performance. Compared with traditional steel grit made by crushing steel shot, bearing steel grit has the following features:

    • 1.  Made by crushing the Chromium bearing steel without any casting defects
      2. The sharp edges have higher mechanical property and good harden ability than usual cast steel grit
      3. Better used for Granite cutting
  • Gang Saw Blade,Steel Saw Blade for granite gang saw.

    The steel grooved saw blade is specially designed to be used on the new high gang-saws for producing large granite slabs, which are to work with cutting fluid mixed well by water, steel grit and lime together for cutting granite blocks.

  • Gas expansion splitter machine

    CO2, gas expansion fracturing is non-explosiver rock demoltion splitting machine, a result of physical volume change, it has not shock wave, vibration wave, blasting wave, etc. That means gas expansion forms from combined action of gas volume and pressure, instead of explosive.
    No impact wave
    No vibration Wave
    No blasting wave
    Data of gas expansion

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