Tapered Drill Rods (Forged Collar Tapper Rods )

Carburization is a process used to harden the entire rod surface both internally and externally to strengthen and extend the life of tapered drill rod.

Tapered Drill Rods (Forged Collar Tapper Rods )-ProDrill

•  Shank size: 22*108

• Length: 800-7000mm

• Taper Degree: 7°, 11°, 12°.

Tapered drill rod, another name called taper rod or conical drills, tapered drill steels from rock drilling tools manufacturer ProDrill which provides a hexagonal chuck section to provide leverage for the rotation chuck bushing. It usually has a forged collar to maintain the proper shank striking face position in the rock drill, and a tapered bit end. Tapered steel

lengths available from 0.6 meters to 3.6 meters in length—are measured from the collar to the rock drill bits end

Tapered Drill Rods (Forged Collar Tapper Rods )-ProDrill

A range of Rods and T.C. Tipped Bits (Cross and Button). Shank sizes 82.5mm*22mm(3 1/4”*7/8”),108mm*25mm(4 1/4”*1”), 159mm*25mm(6 1/4”*1). Lengths 600mm to 6400, (2’-21’). Available in Taper Angles of 4.8º,7º,11º and 12ºon 22mm and 25mm (7/8”&1”)Hexagon. Bit Diameters: Cross-32mm to 51,(1 1/4”-2”), Button -32,, to 51mm(1 1/4”-2”)Tapered Drill Rods (Forged Collar Tapper Rods )-ProDrill

Shank Hexagon: 19*108 mm, 22*108mm, 25*108 mm, 25*159 mm; 6, 7, 11, 12 degree taper in most lengths, taper degrees of drill steel for excellent drilling productivity.

For drilling medium-hard to hard and abrasive rock formations, normally taper angles of 11 and 12-degrees are used on modern drill rigs, like our model no. PD-Y58 crawler hydraulic rock drill. Also for Y6, Y10, Y24, YT24, Mobile rock drill pneumatic and hydraulic. For low impact rock drills and softer rock formations, a narrow tape range of 7 degrees is used, such as Indian, Saudi’s granite and marble quarry. A comprehensive range of taper button bits, cross bits and chisel bits with 6, 7, 11, 12 degree taper, drill hole diameter: 28mm-57mmTapered Drill Rods (Forged Collar Tapper Rods )-ProDrillTapered Drill Rods (Forged Collar Tapper Rods )-ProDrill

Tapered Drill Rods (Forged Collar Tapper Rods )-ProDrill Tapered Drill Rods (Forged Collar Tapper Rods )-ProDrill

For more details please watch PDF online: Tapered Drill Rod for Small Hole Drilling CatalogueShank rod All the models

Tapered Drill Rods (Forged Collar Tapper Rods )-ProDrill

ProDrill ‘s President Mr. Simon at Jeddah, Taif and Mecca quarries visit, together with Mr. Abdullah CEO of NTI group to dicuss ProDrill premiumTapered Drill Bit and Tapered Drill Rods usage.