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  • YT24 Pusher Leg Rock Drills for underground mining, tunneling

    Grouped control mechanism, quick of start up, with “air-on, water-on, air-off, water-off” mechanism, easy operation and maintenance.

    Low noise, small vibration, energy-saving and efficient, highly interchangeable parts with long service life, reliable performance.


  • YT28 Pusher Leg Rock Drills for underground mining and tunneling


    Our pusher legs and stoper rock drills cover all construction, tunnelling and mining applications in different rock formations. They are robust designed, with high impact energy and low air consumption. All of the rock drills have water flushing, rifle bar rotation and the pusher leg control is placed at the back head of the rock drill.


  • YT29A Pusher Leg rock drill

    1.  Easily-accessible position throttle
    2.  Integral muffler,lower noise
    3.  It accepts heavy duty bits
    4. Reliable structure,easy and stable operation
    5.  Drill diam. can be from 32mm-60mm.
    6. Hand-held and air legs rock drill accessible.
    7. Provide the ultimate combination of performance and economy.
    8.  Smart,and durable.