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  • BIT 38 MM SR28(R28) for drifting ,tunneling and stone quarrying

    Made from high alloy steel and tungsten carbide as same grade as internationally well-known brand
    Apply “hot (thermal) -insertion” processing procedure to insert the buttons as same as internationally well-known brand
    Entire CNC processing procedure ensure the quality consistency
    Military grade requirements of heat-treatment guarantee durability

    Fast penetration rates, and straight and clean hole quality. Long life of drilling holes.

  • Q7-38-R25 Threaded Button Bit

    • Code No.: Q7-38-R25
    • Thread Type: R25
    • Diameter: 38mm
    • Length: 90mm
    • Gauge Buttons: 9mm*5
    • Front Buttons: 7mm*2
    • Carbide Design: Semi-ballistic
    • Skirt Design: Standard
    • Weight: 0.51kg
    • Water Holes: 1 on front, 1 on side
  • Q7-43-R28 Threaded Button Bit

    • Code No.: Q7-41-R28
    • Thread: R28
    • Diameter: 43mm
    • Gauge Buttons: 5*9.5mm
    • Front Buttons: 2*8mm
    • Skirt Design: Standard
    • Weight: 0.68KG
    • Carbide Design: Ballistic
    • Face Design: flat
  • R25-45mm Threaded Cross Bit

    • Code No.: S1-45-R25-105
    • Diameter: 45mm
    • Length: 105mm
    • Thread Type: R25
    • Carbide Dimension: 14mm*8mm
    • Water Holes: 1 on front, 4 on side
    • Weight: 0.66Kg

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