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  • BIT 45 MM SR35 (R32) Drilling accesories for tunneling

    Premium designs and steel and premium tungsten carbide insert grade T6 supplied by Boart Long year, Offers industry-leading strength and penetration rates for more productivity,Excellent straightness and hole clean quality, Get max.drilling performance for rock drill with long life to save up fuel cost rate.

  • Q12-64-R32-RC Threaded Button Bit

    • Thread: R32
    • Diameter: 64mm
    • Gauge: 8*10mm
    • Front: 4*10mm
    • Skirt Design: Retrac
    • Face Design: Flat face
    • Carbide Design: Semi-Ballistic
    • Water Holes: 2 on front
    • Weight: 2.22kgs
  • Q7-38-R25 Threaded Button Bit

    • Code No.: Q7-38-R25
    • Thread Type: R25
    • Diameter: 38mm
    • Length: 90mm
    • Gauge Buttons: 9mm*5
    • Front Buttons: 7mm*2
    • Carbide Design: Semi-ballistic
    • Skirt Design: Standard
    • Weight: 0.51kg
    • Water Holes: 1 on front, 1 on side