Pins and feathers


Plug and feather, also known as plugs and wedgesfeather and wedgeswedges and shimspins and feathers and feather and tare, refers to a technique and a three-piece tool set used to split stone.



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Wedges and shims, it’s also called Hand Splitter, Plug and Feathers, Feather Pair and Wedges. Used for stone block splitting and cutting.

Rock drilling tools manufacturer ProDrill: Hand Splitters are a kind of manual tools that uses manpower to impact the metal wedge into holes on stone, thereby split stone. It is mainly used in splitting cracked stone and arch stone which by utilizing a wedge set can be separated into smaller or standard stone blocks. Wedge can also trim relative large and irregular stone blocks.


Hand Splitter (Wing Type), available size from Dia. 14mm to 38mm:

Hand Splitter is a very effective and labor-saving tool, good for environment, no dust and sound, especially for mines applying small size of quarrying stone blocks. Suitable for quarrying layered ores which are either horizontal or gently inclined, have layer depth around 1.5m. More sizes and shapes for your choice.

Various length and hole size and shape as customers’ requirements are available.

Standard size available as below:

Shims & Wedges (Feather Pair & Wedges)
Hole Diameter(mm) Length(mm) Net Weight(kg)
14 (1/2’’) 125 (5’’) 0.17
16 (5/8’’) 125 (5’’) 0.19
20 (3/4’’) 190 (7 1/2’’) 0.5
24 (15/16’’) 190 (7 1/2’’)` 0.6
32 (1 1/4’’) 280 (11’’) 1.5
34 (1 1/4’’) 290 (11 1/2’’) 1.8
38 (1 1/2’’) 320 (12 5/8’’) 2.1