B87c Jack Hammer

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  • B10 portable jack hammer

    Model B10 portable jack hammer is the power of the broken tool. It uses the East Japan Air (TOKU) group with the mature technology of compressed air. It also can high-efficiency complete reinforced concrete. Rock , Asphalt etc, with the broken, more horsepower. The more high-efficiency, the longer life characteristics, especially suitable for big characteristics. The special thick, the broken objects. Hard work, is mine. The bridge, the road. Civil infrastructure project construction ideal tool!

  • B87C air jack hammer by the original plant

    A pneumatic jackhammer, also known as a pneumatic drill or pneumatic hammeris a jackhammer that uses compressed air as the power source. The air supply usually comes from a portable air compressor driven by a diesel engine. Reciprocating compressors were formerly used. The unit comprised a reciprocating compressor driven, through a centrifugal clutch, by a diesel engine. The engine’s governor provided only two speeds:

    1.idling, when the clutch was disengaged

    2.maximum, when the clutch was engaged and the compressor was running