Xiamen stone exhibition, 19 years a successful conclusion, 20 years a new set sail!

On the stone exhibition, xiamen stone exhibition if admitted to be the world’s second, it is estimated that no one dare to admit the world’s first.

The 19th China xiamen international stone exhibition came to a successful conclusion accompanied by spring thunder, spring rain and spring cold.500+ stone brands from 57 countries and regions around the world gathered in xiamen, and tens of millions of domestic and foreign exhibition merchants went to a gluttonous stone feast together.

From 19 to 20, from the quantitative change to the qualitative change, since 2001, xiamen stone exhibition has experienced 19 years, the current xiamen stone exhibition audience of 208,000 people!I wipe, cow!My grand xiamen, the stone capital of the world!Next target 300,000!The old Italian verona stone fair cried.

Bustling exchanges, business opportunities are infinite, industry elites lead, inspire a better direction, to open up a broad blue sea of development with the fierce collision of thinking, brain design storm bring people never imagined the appearance of stone.

So many exhibits, we can not judge which is the best design, because the design itself is always in progress and tumbling, this Stone Age in the stone rolling the last generation.

But we can at least be sure that a stone exhibit design with soul, like poetry, like a dream, design inspiration and natural magic combined work, there is always a will let you heartache, such as “hand in hand on the cloud space, find the beauty of nature.

Man and stone, the same origin of nature, life such as diamond, stone such as life.Ancestors said: life 2 words, life and death is the most important.I thought: people die, can only see god, people alive, best see friends!

The exhibition is the best platform, the best scene, the best moment and the best interaction between friends and partners. It is also the opportunity with limited time and unlimited business opportunities.CCTV of stone world.

WeChat era, is also the era of mobile, miss as meet, meet three feeling, a chat more than 3 points, and then talk is 9 points, no cooperation, no order I do not believe…Chutian alloy, 2019 will be a case in point.The picture below shows the owner of a Saudi oil field who has known us for 18 years.Is not easy!

First of all, thanks: has been committed to research and development, invention patents countless, in China drilling and static blasting led pedestrian, shenzhen kai strong technology company chairman fang ying Sir, 4 days, rain or shine, eat lunch box together, shoot a wonderful gas expansion crack, stone also crazy revealed plot!

In 2019, xiamen stone exhibition will be held in the rain, which will bring a lot of inconvenience to the visitors. However, the spirit of stone exhibition will never be extinguished.

Thank you for your coming to the booth of borade company, which is like a sharing meeting of steel tools and stone tools.

“Jinchuan world, China is proud”, its nickel mine, the world’s third, jinchuan group company, 2018 annual revenue of nearly 300 billion yuan, nickel city industrial brazing factory, the second time and baoruide joint exhibition, display jinchuan latest research and development of brazing quality, attracted countless eyes in the exhibition, have come to the booth consulting.

Shandong yanggu brazing wang’s son, the second generation of brazing with successor, general manager Chen feng.World top 500 China minmetals member enterprise, zhuzhou hard group, senior sales expert, poet, writer Mr. Yuan feilong.Special representative of zhuzhou chutian cemented carbide co., LTD., manager wang di.

Mr Rao KSG group, the world’s largest Indian miner of black sands.

Zhao xianguo, founder and general manager of China zhanji.com.Taizhou qian wang tao jian fei general manager.Fujian putian Dali Dali Dali Yang, hunan Dali Dali new diamond xie.Taizhou small steel gun general xu.Zheng rongsheng, general manager of China qianwang lianhuashan foreign trade corporation.Liaocheng aerospace drilling tools, weifang a extension of drilling tools.

Neeq listed company, xiamen devotes itself to diamond technology co., LTD., chairman ruan kerong.China color group saw expert zhang yanjun general manager, female cattle foreign trade, qin wen manager, jianghu people: osmanthus, guilin flower, 10 years of business, big customers all over the world.

GUI tether saw research and development of the first peak MAO jianfeng chairman.China’s diamond industry, a central enterprise, big, antai steel research, bo director Mr. Liu yibo, big headed, xu yanjun, chairman, GUI hua shan Yin, Kelly, GUI SAN shan xie and daughter Sharon, min cheng hui Chen, huada diamond, Dr. Wu jian.


The characteristics of four diamond enterprises in China’s diamond industry are related to their names.

Advocate the market is “dozen” come out, zhou bin (soldier), stone bound and brazing bound double gunner, come from zeng guofan’s native place, hunan army hundred chuan.Global “” stone” “world, group saw instead of sand saw, market such as foreign, customers such as the sea, sea.

Diamond tools, world-class saw blade is “research” issued by the “antai steel research”, technology, equipment and talent is absolutely the domestic first-class!

The success of guangxi is not accidental. During the exhibition, the editor had the honor to interview general manager zhang, a group saw technical expert. With a big hand, he said proudly: “the secret of our success is that we don’t fight price war, we fight value war.To create customer value for customers is our mission!


Is “helps” the customer to be able to save the point saves the point, the granite plank price also is dropping the price, saw down the original stone, cuts out is the plank stone, consumes is the cost!


When it comes to how to deal with business relations between industrial factories and foreign trade companies, zhang zongzhi’s concept makes me, as a 20-year old driver of stone mining machinery foreign trade, stand in awe of…


He pointed out: one river, one landscape, one stone, one space, one stone, one world, the stone world is very small, is a prairie, the sky is green, wild boundless, the wind blows the grass to see cattle and sheep.


He emphasizes: we are industrial factory not only can produce good product, and have conscience, conscience, to the client, to exporter, to cooperative business. Relevant unit. Have IP especially foreign trade business, the country has policy, drawback support!

The factory with long-term vision, fully aware of the middleman’s customer resources, labor value, IP value from the heart respect them, support them, for the enterprise to increase foreign trade power and export market share.

He pointed to the mountain: to put it frankly, the foreign trade company is the same as our foreign trade department, but also helps us, the factory earns brand effect, market share, and does not pay wages, to point out the tax rebate under the national policy, very reasonable.

Pry customers can not…Our dean always emphasizes that the market is a place with complementary advantages, more than one friend and more than one channel, the concept of cooperative coexistence and win-win cooperation!

Yes, a foreign trade company with IP, energy, media at least 10 years,15 years,20 years of industry experience, experience, grinding down. 80 hind also can be a President, with 40 hind the most powerful American emperor boss contest, the person is not age, depend on your IP energy, have a few brush.

I have said many times in public lectures that foreign trade resources are not the same as the advantages of factories. The most excellent factories must be “one kilometer deep and one centimeter wide “, while the foreign traders are on the contrary,” one centimeter deep and one kilometer wide “. Only when combined, can they be the biggest winners!Trust, sincerity and responsibility can solve this combination.

He concluded: one customer mountain, two customers are backer, three customers are jiangshan, this kind of confidence is not shouted out, is out!After the exhibition, we did not have a rest on the weekend. Our team is still debugging the latest group saws in shuitou, and as many as 10 sets of group saws have been installed.


Finally, mentioned as: guangdong excellent exhibitors, China’s famous stone grinding machine company, dongguan’s kinnock Merrock, Guo Xianyang general manager, beautiful capable foreign trade manager Grace show good neighbor, when nine years, the same exhibition, the same place, the same feelings, same brothers, my mill, your grinding machine, to which the stone we also crazy!

You sweat at the fair,

I am touched like rain outside the pavilion,

Because of you, Thanksgiving with you!

Thanks to the joint efforts and full support of stone people all over the world,

The achievements of the positive and vigorous development of xiamen stone exhibition!

The light lasts forever,

Sail 2020, brand new sail, brand new agreement!.