Welcome the New Stone Generation,Blow the rally trumpet

March 3, Sunday, Xiamen

China Xiamen International Stone Exhibition

Countdown, the first day of the exhibition.


The car is slowing on the road to success.

Drive to the Xiamen Convention and Exhibition Center.

I want to do things, I am doing it.

The heart is thinking, what it is.


Turtle speed, roadside trees,

The depressed tree is green,

The fork of the branch gradually bulges,

The moment of the crack,

Blasting the bark, revealing the bud,

Life has traces,

Spring is here. . .


The spring of foreign traders is here,

The stone man’s event is coming,

The opportunity for the brazer is coming.


Sing the story in the spring,

Blowing the assembly number of the mine,

Playing the new stone generation charge.


The Chinese trumpeter is of course the Party Central Committee.

The melody of the media era, played in Beijing

Venue: People’s Daily, time: January 25th,

From the new definition of the media, new heights, new future.


In the past 2 months, the Spring Festival is very beautiful, the reality is very skinny.

Walking through thousands of mountains and waters, the Spring Festival, the most beautiful way home.


Home is a dream place,

Filled with a lifetime of care, carrying the memory of the world.

The coldest, coldest season, the longest road, the most tired ride,


There is a belief: under the knife, block again, also go home,

This is not a story, it is the complex of Chinese civilization!

If you have a family, you can return, and you can have a home.

After the festival, the first red envelope comes from the most powerful rice country America.

It is also the most popular social media Twitter, and the most successful president of the country;

6 words and one post: Sino-US trade truce, global investors are overjoyed!

turn hostility into friendship, Chinese characters and cultural wisdom,

It is the best result of negotiation and love and hate.

The world is relieved, the Chinese are happy, and the Americans are open.


China’s stock market, foreign exchange market, open, and keep going!

Foreign trade talents are happy, the exchange rate is changing, and the Americans are not.

The original sword is double-edged.

International politics is such a wonderful thing,

Sometimes the rhythm is so fast that you are dazzled.

At the end of February, the meeting of Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un, looking forward to more exciting, the results are a bit miserable,

The plan can’t keep up with the changes, happy to come, not happy.

Chinese netizens, the people who eat melons don’t do it, and they play positive energy.

These days, chicken blood is skyrocketing, blood splashing friends circle,


After the most cattle 80, it is not so easy,

Endure an average of 60 kilometers per hour and sit for more than 60 hours in a row.

In the end, it did not return.

Even the most cattle after 80 are so hard, eager to change the fate of individuals and the country,

In the winter trade, you and me, what reason is not to strive to pursue their dreams, Xiamen Stone Exhibition, Xiamen people host, who is at home, is the Xiamen foreign trade person who pursues dreams!, Xiamen, the door to the overseas market It is a success. It doesn’t matter if there is no signing. It’s okay to talk about it, you are still a master! .


It is not easy to run a successful exhibition.

Burning money, burning brain, time-consuming, laborious,

Good things are going to be fine, the prospects can be expected, things are artificial,

Not afraid of change, I am afraid that there is no plan.


Professional exhibitions must have professional buyers.

Professional buyers, not only products, but professional solutions!


In our foreign trade factories, foreign traders like to focus on their own products, their own factory tools, machines, consumables, accessories and so on. The factory is to do professional things, to do professional work, to serve professional customers. Correct? Not right!


In the media, from the media, social age, factory thinking will kill people.


Network thinking, traffic thinking, and big data marketing, 3S full media marketing, artificial intelligence marketing concept and mature and reliable SAAS intelligent cloud network platform, with the application of traffic instant messaging function tool integration, is the new foreign trade marketing, marketing A new concept of logic.


Active attack, diversion of customers, online communication, offline transactions, this is the general trend of foreign trade development.


Foreign traders must keep up with the times, boldly use new technologies, new mechanisms, new models, accelerate the pace of all-media integration development, maximize the effectiveness of marketing, publicity and optimization, independent marketing rather than on behalf of operations.


Because of the situation, the situation is moving, the situation is moving, and the trend is taking advantage of the situation. Nowadays, with the development of the Internet, there have been full media, holographic media, full-media media, and full-effect media. Information is everywhere, and there is no need to use it. . . . . Foreign trade has to go out to sea, that is, the media first, marketing first move.


Today, a quarrying tools, the foreign trade boss of mining machinery, on the phone, worried: Mr Simon HU, you are a 15-year-old driver on a foreign trade bus. In these years, you often write original foreign trade, research and development of foreign trade every day, internet marketing New models, new mechanisms, new platforms, new tools. Now, my supply factory has also come out to participate in the exhibition, set up its own foreign trade department, in the exhibition, compete with me for the market, grab customers, how to survive after foreign trade? Born out, you have to live! Instead, the greatness of life, the glory of death.


In 2002, entered into the stone industry and made a foreign trade in a factory in Longhai City, Zhangzhou. We exported granite slab gang sawing steel. The proper noun: gang saw blade. In which era, the stone industry is very hot. There are only four production companies in the world. TThe demand exceeds the supply. The gross profit is considerable. The banknotes are printed out. The gang saw blade is tied out. I feel it, the gang saw blade is like printing banknote, so good!


In which era, there are several Italian gang saw machine. It is very powerful. How many set gang saws do you have? How many stars are you, Gaoshi Stone, Global Stone, and Kangli Stone are developed in the era . Let Xiamen become a stone capital, and then the birth of Xiamen International Stone Exhibition was only 19 years ago.

I rub! I have more than 16 years in the calculation of overseas markets, diamond tools, rock drilling tools, mining machinery marketing experience, also considered high school graduates.


Stone, derived from nature, is mined in mines. Rich, called the gold master, such as Trump. Landed, called the landlord, such as Huang Shiren. A person with a mine is called a mine owner. For example: Osama bin Laden, the person is dead, the mine is still there, the customer is there.


I remember that Mr. Li Jianhua, Secretary General of China Stone Industry Association, prepared a “Stone Mining Machinery Processing Manual” from prospecting, sampling, quarrying, roughing, grinding, polishing, waxing, surface treatment, floor tiles and other processing processes. The required equipment, machine, machinery, tools, consumables, spare parts, etc. are large and small, and there are more than 3,000 kinds of forests.


It is impossible for any foreign trade enterprise or production plant to be produced and available, but learning is possible. From the age of media, knowledge can be realized, learning, knowledge, continuous input of product knowledge, non-stop output of solutions, is the core competitiveness of foreign trade enterprises to survive and develop.


The mining technology of natural stone mines has been developing, and the road has been updated and has been breaking through. Mining diamond wire sawing machine application, is currently the mainstream, cutting rock free surface, diamond strong wire saw, beading, down-the-hole drilling rig, down-the-hole drill bit, dive hole drilling stalk is very large, is consumables, both billion market Volume.


Then use a manual or mobile rock drill, small hole drill head, taper drill rod or finished brazing to complete the 32/34 mm hole, fill the expansion agent mud, and after a few hours, the cracked stone 10-20 cm gap.


Then use the air bag, or the water bag, or the jack hammer, open it, put it down, complete the first rock cutting, and then use the expansion agent or splitter or the wind to realize the second cutting into the original stone, also called the block.


The last third cut is sent to the factory for processing into large panels and floor panels. Steel Grit, saw blade is a consumable of traditional sand saw, and now large wire saw group saw slowly replaces sand saw, becoming the main large board cutting machine in stone processing factory.


Diamond saw blades are used as general cutting tools for stone processing. Of course, the amount is very large. Yesterday, a Hubei Ezhou factory business contacted me, saying that there is no platform, no website, only participate in Xiamen Exhibition, American Exhibition, Italy Exhibition, a sales of saw blades with a sales volume of 200 million, high frequency of the base and the cutter head Welding, and the Jiangsu Danyang saw blade base has a fight.