Special fund meeting Who is the winner,Stone Exhibition, Negotiating to be a master


According to foreign media reports, on the evening of 26th local time, US President Trump has arrived in Hanoi, Vietnam, and will open the second meeting of the DPRK-US summit on the 27th today.


These days, in the land of China, a green-skin train that cannot be detected by a satellite has passed through most of China. The car carries a “good friend of the Chinese people.” Although he is only 35 years old, there is a strong gas field between his gestures.


This bulletproof explosion-proof train is inserted into China’s busy railway system at a turtle speed of 60 kilometers per hour. From northeast to southwest, it runs through the heart of a big country.


In order to ensure that this “special gold club” special train, in two days, China has about 80 times of high-speed rail, motor trains and ordinary trains temporarily or partially suspended. You know, China’s Spring Festival in 2019 will start from January 21st to March 1st. The capacity is quite quite tight!


The whole journey is more than 4,000 kilometers and lasts for three days and three nights. Seen along the way, they are the miracles and successes of China’s 40 years of reform and opening up. I saw these things in front of me. I don’t know, after the most successful “80” in the world, the leaders of young countries are heart-warming, but his trip is indeed an exciting event that affects the world!


Destination, Hanoi, capital of Vietnam. There, he will negotiate with the world’s most powerful capitalist empire to find a turning point in the fate of the Kim family and 25 million Koreans.


What he thinks in his head are such grand words as “nuclear experiment” and “the situation in Northeast Asia”. Obviously, he will not notice that there are countless small people who are struggling for their own goals in the land where the green leather train passes. With.


This is not, after the start of the festival, almost all of the country, the world’s large and small stone figures, are busy on March 6 at the world’s largest stone import and export center – Xiamen, holding a large international stone exhibition, regardless of the original stone imports However, it is still the exporter of stone and mining machinery. All of them are fully prepared to do their best, accurately attack, efficiently gain customers, seize business opportunities and become the big winner of the exhibition.


Before the exhibition, publicity and invitations are prerequisites for efficient exhibitions. 2 months before the exhibition, the company website and the B2B platform should publish the exhibition information. A soft copy of the exhibition or company booth information can be posted on the social media registered by the company.


The first station of the independent station home navigation bar, the first company to participate in the recent exhibition information, can design several different styles of Banner for the carousel. Nowadays, most foreign trade companies have their own marketing websites with SEO drainage function. With SEM advertising marketing, advertising traffic is relatively accurate, and overseas visitors will know for the first time which company your company will participate in.


Exhibiting also represents the strength of a company! Internet all media is the best weapon to show strength and enlarge the strength!


1 month before the exhibition, the invitation letter of the exhibition will be stratified, classified, and the customers who have completed the transaction, the customers who have not sold the transaction, and the customers who are interested will write different contents, the invitation letter of the exhibition will inform the name of the exhibition, the time, place and booth of the exhibition. Information such as number, ask customers whether to participate?


In the first half of the exhibition, confirm the customer’s time for the exhibition, arrange the pick-up, register the free admission badge, book the hotel to cooperate with the logistics staff to complete the exhibition customer reception, as well as the local tour, shopping, factory visit, field inspection, inspection, after the exhibition. Talk about orders and more.


One day before the exhibition, after the exhibition was completed, multiple pictures were taken from the booth at various angles, sent to key follow-up customers by email, and the latest push was sent on the SNS social platform such as WhatsApp WeChat circle, Facebook, LinkedIn, Ins and so on.



Let everyone who knows you know where you are now exhibiting, my booth number, and what the booths are. Pay attention to the mobile phone number to facilitate the contact of the exhibition and let the customer contact you quickly.


Sample preparation, there are 2 kinds of exhibits that can be sold on site, can be marked, tested, beautiful appearance, strong packaging, one is only for exhibits to visit, not suitable for sale, packaging image is better. The steel body of the drill tool is very heavy. There are 3D printing die heads for exhibitors. It is beautiful, lightweight and easy to carry, but it has no metal texture and heavy feeling. It is not ideal.


Exhibition booths, booth location selection, very important! This is related to the customer flow of the booth and the effect of the exhibition. For example, the 19th Xiamen International Stone Fair, our company has participated in the 9th session, has been in a fixed exhibition hall, the same position, booth number: B3123, has not changed. The style and design of the company’s booth are basically the same, making it easy for foreigners to find us.



Charging product knowledge, training FAQ skills. At the exhibition, when there are many people, everyone is busy, no one will help you to receive customers, especially new people. At this time, you can’t expect others to help you talk about some details. You can’t run the customer if you have problems. Ask someone to ask, the customer has not had much time for you to confirm at an exhibition. Therefore, you must reserve your own product knowledge, on the one hand, not asking for people. On the other hand, professionalism is always the best weapon!


For example, SCA, HSCA, where are the main markets, major market prices, major domestic competitors, and their quotations, although the company has a unified quotation form, you know the latest order for the order to be placed by the customer. Ocean freight, air freight, DHL, can be accurately quoted, receive the deposit, sign the order, for the sales master, the exhibition is not to collect business cards, the exhibition is to collect the deposit,


Too many foreign traders regard the exhibition as a tool for collecting business cards. This is simply a violent thing. To collect customer information, there is no need to go to the exhibition. A google is enough! Too many people have also discovered that the business cards brought back from the exhibition did not achieve the effect we expected at the time of tracking. It is not much different from the direct development letter. It is because we did not think about why we participated in the exhibition before the exhibition.


Target market, target customers, printing representative customer PI, and shipping bill of lading, shipping documents are very useful at key stages, customers have a herd mentality, that is, we go to a place to eat, see more diners reason.


Professional vocabulary, a product name, a variety of names, guests may talk to you in different terms, you can’t answer, customers think you are not professional, go directly, miss business opportunities. Especially for newcomers, they must reserve in front of the product name, specifications, parameters, packaging, materials, and quotations.


For stone exhibitions, first you can charge stone quarrying product knowledge, SCA, grinding wheel, steel grit, taper bit, taper drill rod, finished drill rod, low air pressure DTH bit Cir90, shank adapter, rock drill, grinding machine etc. Prepare product knowledge based on the fair samples.


If you are familiar with the product and master the accurate price trend, the customer will think that you are very professional and will value you very much. You may be asked a lot of questions. The more problems the customer has, the more psychology you have in mastering the customer. Many people say that Why are customers not willing to care for me? Why can’t I find useful information? The big reason is that you don’t use value. The customer thinks that you can’t get anything useful from you, so there is no need to care about you!


During the exhibition, customers may come to our booths one after another, and the sales staff are required to respond quickly and comfortably. The premise of being comfortable is experienced. Therefore, the questions frequently asked by customers, the product aspects, the customer side, the foreign trade business or the operation aspect are also good, summarizing how they answered at the time, how the customer responded. Which kind of answer may satisfy the customer, and which answer customer response is not good!


Exhibitors dress, business wear is necessary, wear black or dark professional wear, large exhibitions, some company booth design is very special, will attract customers customers, the flow of people, and the personal image of sales staff also directly determine the flow Decide whether the customer will be willing to communicate with you and will not place an order for you.


The purpose of the exhibition is not to pick up more business cards. It is necessary to cultivate and to attract customers to voluntarily stay at our booth for a few minutes, voluntarily sit down, talk to you about products, learn about your products and factories, and let the guests remember you. Give you valuable opportunities to continue to communicate with your customers in the future.


The use of smart phones, business card scanning software, through the Global Business App to scan the QR code on the other side of the badge to quickly obtain buyer information. Collect buyer information. For interested customers, add his whatsapp, SNS account on the smart phone, it is best to say hello in person. The mobile phone is better than the business card record book. It is better to take a photo with each other!


The smartphone vpn needs to be opened, always paying attention to the customer’s dynamics and speed. You can log in to Facebook and Twitter at any time to understand the customer’s dynamics. When interacting, send some booths to take photos together, which will bring you closer to the guests.


Increase the communication opportunity, the record is used to record each point of interest of the customer, pin the business card together, the record also needs to record the corresponding photo number, try to invite each intent customer to take photos in their own exhibition hall, after taking the photo, record The number of the photo in the mobile phone is directly exported when the data is sorted. When the customer is tracking, you can send the corresponding photo to him, directly saying that this is your photo in our showroom.


Maybe the customer is also very eager to get the photos, this is proof of their business development, they can browse their customers. For the customers who have already purchased the samples, the test orders have been placed, and the customers who have renewed the orders have to make special records, and the exhibition focuses on follow-up.


Learn to observe the words, don’t interfere with the customer’s browsing during the exhibition. If a customer arrives at your booth and watches your exhibits, you must first say hello, say, you need to know what can ask me, follow the instructions and follow the instructions. He, observing his expression, this is a kind of sensitivity, slowly learn to observe and observe, and practice his own eyes.


Some people may be looking at the new and lively, do not need your products at all, some people are very professional, go to see the most critical things, we must pay attention to observation, from the customer’s clothing, language and other basic information to judge this customer Where is it from a big customer or a small customer?


The exhibition time is 4 days, race against time, know how to judge, analyze the guests from your conversations and talk about the guests are really interested in your product or just a brief understanding of the question.


To participate in the purpose of the exhibition: First, publicity. Expand the influence of enterprises in the industry, product brand awareness. The second is negotiation, face-to-face direct face-to-face communication, negotiation, and even signing!


Professional exhibitions, most of which are visited by professional buyers, may be potential customers, target customers, for example, Xiamen International Stone Fair, nowadays, it has become the world’s number one, the number of visitors is getting bigger and bigger, the traffic is getting more and more Large, the wider the radiation surface, the collection of major overseas mine owners, mining machinery, processing tools dealers.


Therefore, a good exhibition, limited time, business opportunities are unlimited!


We are going to use this feature of the target customer group to spread our own unique marketing methods. All this is to compete for the eye, just to let potential customers take a look at it and stay for a while. In case you encounter a customer who is in the process of purchasing, you can also fight for it and see if you can win it on the spot!


Finally, I still feel the powerful atmosphere of the 35-year-old “good friend of the Chinese people”, from the domestic and the highest courtesy in Hanoi. During the Spring Festival, let China make such a big adjustment to the most stressful lines, which is the most successful “post-80s.”


Studying the world’s most successful “80” after the hard work and ambition, expedition thousands of miles, to Hanoi, and the world’s most powerful US imperial negotiations, I believe that as the leading domestic stone industry, under their own door, participate in the large-scale global At the top of the exhibition, if you want to be a big winner of the exhibition, you have the confidence, strength, skill to negotiate and become a master.