Prodrill: the third day of Electra Mining Show in South Africa(12,Sep.2018)

At the beginning of September, Mr Simon led the prodrill rock drilling product into the South African market.

During the exhibition, prodrill’s product attracted many overseas customers. the CEO Mr Simon gave a comprehensive explanation and typical case analysis on product performance, features, technologies and applications that customers were concerned about, and recommended suitable solutions according to different demands, thus gaining high recognition from customers.

This time, many customers have signed preliminary cooperation intentions with our company, and Prodrill has laid a solid foundation for opening the market of drill drill in South Africa.

A local water well company’s purchasing manager praised the Prodrill’s DTH bit with fine craftsmanship, placing 100 orders on the spot — DHD 340~102mm DTH drill bit, and paying a cash deposit to reach a long-term cooperation agreement.

Simon Hu,CEO of PRODRILL to introduce our LHD , MINING TRUCK, ming equipment


Grinding machine and cup are the highlight of Prodrill booth