Philconstruct Philippine, ProDrill Seting Off a Storm

The Philconstruct Philippine was grandly opened on November 8th, 2018.

On the first day of the opening of the exhibition, ProDrill’s booth: FT18 hall was surging, attracting many foreign businessmen to stop and watch the consultation.

Buyers took their technical problems and needs at the mine site and discussed with ProDrill’s CEO Mr Simon. The customers were very satisfied and the purchase intention was reached on the spot.

This is an industry feast and a journey of harvest.ProDrill has made long-term development in the rock drilling and soldering industry in recent years. It has achieved remarkable results and developed steadily. With good marketing operation capability, it has occupied a pivotal position in the industry.

Mr Simon, the CEO of ProDRill proud to say:

More than 20 years, ups and downs, twists and turns, deep affection, deep interpretation, life trajectory is rooted in deep love of international trade, compared to the high-level lecturer, sucking gold Internet B2B platform, I prefer to fight in the front line.

Because localization of international trade is changing rapidly, only you are willing to visit the battlefield, go to the exhibition, kiss customers, accept new and high-intensity challenges, constantly update and iterate yourself, you can become a grounded gas, high gold content, The realist marketing of the craftsman spirit! You can be more eager to lead you on the stage of international trade to fight for responsibility, mission, morality and glory.