New Technology,New Products

There is no doubt that our era of export to the global economic downturn has changed from incremental competition to stock competition. Under this circumstance, a brand-new foreign trade business logic began to surface – multi-channel full media marketing environment, based on artificial intelligence marketing banquet, combined with offline exhibition banquet, completed efficient customer signing, became the new trend of foreign trade in 2019 !

After 9.11, America government are opening of the anti-terrorism era, which has a far-reaching impact on the global political landscape. It has a direct impact on the world stone industry of the natural stone mining technology, as if overnight, from the “civil explosives” era to “Non explosive ” “era.

The highly efficient Soundless Cracking Agent HSCA, from the reinforced concrete structure and the large rock crushing industry, suddenly switched to the natural stone mining field, and changed its name to the Soundless Cracking Agent SCA.

The high-grade stone is rare, and the “broken” is gram, less than one H word, the meaning can be large, the meaning is not small, the raw material CaO, calcination temperature, production, processing equipment and process is not an order of magnitude. The price is heavenly, the market volume is enlarged, and it is more needed in market. The explosives are banned and the SCA is come on.

There is always a feeling that South Asia is a magical land. For example, India. A few days ago,  Donald Trump meets Kim Jong Un are talking like a hot case at the beginning, and suddenly turn off. The real shots of the India-Pakistan fire were started. It started to be very fierce. The people who had eaten melons did not react. They did not fight. why? Face and stairs.

As the saying goes: When a man is poor  his ambition is not far-reaching, while India is just the opposite, people are not rich, and they are long-minded, but they like to fight for a face, so even if they kick, they must play higher than the other side.

However, the heavens are given to this magical country, rich in resources, beautiful stones, luxurious stone, indeed, it is a great face and pride of the owner.

The beautiful Taj Mahal, the Ka Dian, the Elephant Cave and the Upper Temple are the witnesses of the Indian stone source. Today, India is a pioneer in the world’s stone industry, and it is a big country in stone mining and rough stone export.

As the largest importer of Indian stone, Chinese are like Indian stones, such as granite, black galaxy, which are famous in the world. In the town of Chimakurthy in the Ongole region of Pradesa, using the SCA expansion agent no less than 500 containers per year. It is undisputed that India is the country with the largest consumption of SCA in the world.

From China’s 4-5 line small county to the 1st line north to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, home decoration, hotels, halls, and conference center all of them are use this black gold-plated granite produced in India.

This year, 35 Indian companies such as POKARNA, RSG, GEM, Rashi and PREM MARBLES will present their unique Indian symbols to Xiamen, many of them are our long-term customers.


Guangxi, a unique limestone mine resource. It provides sufficient raw materials for the Chinese cement production base and also provides burnt lime for the quarrying SCA.

In 2002, We began to intervene in the overseas marketing of SCA. Prodrill may be the “Whampoa Military Academy” of the quarrying SCA industry. I am not the principal, but also the “Huangpu Phase I”, the trial production in 2000, the trial sales in 2002, and the batch entering the market in 2004. 15 years to create Chinese SCA service quarry myth.

Any product, technology, or invention has a product life cycle, a market cycle, and new technology alternatives. Before the waves of the Yangtze River pushed the waves, the former waves died on the beach, and the technology was iterated and updated to promote the transformation and upgrading of the stone industry.

The country’s national policy of environmental protection storms, sealing mines forbidden mining, industrial structure, transformation and upgrading, and turning to the Belt and Road mining resources has been stable in recent years. The supply of raw materials is tight, and the foreign quarrying market has put forward new requirements for slow cracking, low efficiency, safety, punching and eye injury, and environmental pollution of SCA expansion mortar.

A hundred years ago, the Chinese discovered gunpowder, the era of anti-terrorism, the introduction of improved HSCA (original technology Japanese 1980 invention, called expansion cement) successfully introduced into the quarry, becoming the world’s largest SCA producer,

India’s imitation for 10 years still can’t make the taste of domestic products. Just like WeChat comes from WhatApp social online real-time software, but after the labor reform of the Chinese people is more powerful, more convenient, smarter and more social than the original, empowering you to consume, from swiping to brushing. . .

Suddenly, the spring breeze came, and thousands of trees and pears bloomed–The Gas Expansion Splitter.

The principle of gas expansion splitting is that the CO2 gas can be converted into a liquid state under a certain high pressure. When the microcurrent passes through the high heat conduction, a high temperature breakdown safety film is generated, and the liquid CO2 is vaporized instantaneously, and the high pressure impact is rapidly expanded.

The blasted object or deposit is rapidly advanced outward by the geometric-grade equivalent shock wave, which takes only 0.4 seconds from the initiation to the end of the whole process, and is operated at a low temperature;

The blasting process is the process of volume expansion, and there is no shock wave, no vibration wave, no explosion wave, and it is physical work rather than chemical reaction.

It is gratifying that Xiamen Prodrill is an iterative of mining technology for stone mines. It has been on the road, striving for goals, world-class, and the cycle of upgrading products is constantly refreshing.



The third generations of gas expansion splitter six exclusive products have 16 major technological breakthroughs; it is not only the increase of a single gas volume, but also the product upgrade brought about by qualitative changes.

Gas expansion splitter uses CO2 physics to do work. It is an efficient, energy-saving, green and environmentally-friendly excavation artifact, and it will certainly have broad market prospects.

It is believed that China’s CO2 gas expansion and cracking technology will bring epoch-making influence to the world’s natural stone mining industry, and the market prospects are expected. New technology, new products, create a new “stone” generation of stone mining!

Today, on the first day of the exhibition, the stone and machinery with the spring rain are entering the door of the “stone” world and opening their journey to the Xiamen Stone Exhibition.

In the blue smoke and rain, I met with the “stone” at first, especially romantic, such as the island’s petty blues, in the wind and rain, I am waiting here, in the poem painting, it is better to smell you on the 6th. The whisper says: B3123.

For 19 years, the Xiamen International Stone Fair, which focuses on the global stone import and export trade, is looking for new breakthroughs and growth with a transformational upgrade from the past.

Awakening the precipitation of the natural operation of the universe for 10,000 years, we are not the porter of stone and mining machinery, we are the leader of stone lifestyle and advanced quarrying technology.