Manila, entering the Philippines exhibition time.

Today at 9:30, the 2018 Philippine International Construction Machinery, Mining Machinery and Building Materials Exhibition (Philconstruct 2018), grand opening at the SMX Convention Center Manila, World Trade Center Metro Manila. It is led by a well-known domestic mining professional exhibition service company and a leader in China’s private group exhibition company, Shenzhen Huike.

The Philippines is located in the southeastern part of Asia, with an area of ​​299,700 square kilometers and a population of about 92.2 million. Currently there are 3 million people in the Philippines, and the Chinese support one third of the economy in the Philippines.

In recent years, under the illumination and guidance of the “Belt and Road Light”, as one of the new BRICS 11 countries, the Philippines will be another important country after the BRIC countries, which attracts the attention of the world, especially the Chinese investment market. Currently, The entire infrastructure, mining, engineering and mining machinery, rock drilling tools and other markets in the Philippines are booming. According to statistics, in recent years, the export value of Philippine mineral products has surged 58% year-on-year to 625 million US dollars.

The Philippines is located in the Pacific Rim volcanic belt and is one of the world’s richest mineral reserves. According to the Philippine Mining and Geology Bureau (MGB), the country’s mineral reserves rank fifth in the world. Among them, gold reserves are the third largest in the world. Copper reserves are the fourth in the world, nickel reserves are the fifth in the world, and chromite is the sixth in the world. There are currently 50 mines being mined in the Philippines, 30 of which are nickel mines, mainly exported to China, importing Chinese diamonds every year, diamonds. Tools, rig accessories market is quite large.

According to local major dealers, the Chinese support one-third of the economy in the Philippines, more than 95% of the Chinese people invest in mining, and more than 90% of the Philippine drill tool market is in the hands of Chinese companies. Chinese companies have begun to monopolize. Philippine Engineering, mining industry machinery and equipment market.

Any country needs high-tech and high-tech industries, but also the most basic things like drilling rigs, excavators, drill bits, drill pipes, shanks, scrapers, mining truck, etc.? In the Philippine mining area, the trial process with foreign brands, the domestic diamond diamonds and the efficiency of the previous before, now more than 20-30%, is not the advantage of cost performance, but the overall level of the drill industry breakthrough, of course, there are very good Chinese in the Philippines The factors of market position will not be obsessed with the myth of the century-old brand in Europe and America.

The most important thing is that our foreign traders have been exhibiting for 30 years every year. They have been running mines for a long time, running samples, trying samples, looking for orders, flying out to be birds, and when they came back, they have been doing the world of soldering tools all the year round. . In addition, mainly China’s rapid development in the past 40 years, we have a huge domestic infrastructure needed for modern industrial development, the mining market and a large enough drilling and blasting market to support this drilling machine industry system.

Global exploration, drilling, mining, breaking, selection, metallurgy, deep processing integration, tools, tools, underground scrapers, mining cards and other mining equipment, self-produced and sold, not much, JNMC may be the most powerful, the country It is not difficult for the Chinese to do great things and engage in world-class activities.

China’s manufacturing is following the wave of the fourth industrial revolution, transforming to China’s creation and China’s intellectual creation. China’s brazing products in the Southeast Asian market is indeed quite cultural, geographical, station advantage, but other markets are particularly European and American markets, of course, for us, there are still many deficiencies in the big country of the brazing tools to the country of China On the road of manufacturing, we still have a long way to go.


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