Domestic first gas expansion crack device, shock board “lu”, tomorrow first!


March 5th, xiamen stone exhibition countdown day 1! 


In a flash came to the last day before the exhibition, the exhibition work into the final sprint stage.Scene too much wonderful revealed plot, the first feeling of this “miracle” to build.Indoor heat in the air, outside the heavy rain, the sound of wind and rain, decoration sound, merged into xiamen exhibition arrangement symphony.It’s


Mountain year, water year, wind and rain year,

Mountain, water, wind and rain another.


Today, the quarry civil blasting technology process.


After 9/11, the United States led the initiation of the era of terrorism, which had a profound impact on the global political pattern and the world stone industry. It had a direct impact on the natural stone mining technology, as if overnight, the transition from the era of “civil explosives” to the era of “silent static explosion”.

High efficiency silent crushing agent, foreign language called HSCA, from reinforced concrete structure, as well as large rock mass crushing industry, suddenly switch, introduced into the natural stone mining field, change a more image name, called expansive agent English called SCA.

High-grade stone is rare and expensive, and “broken” phase gram, less a H word, meaning can be big, meaning is not small, raw material CaO, calcining temperature, production, processing equipment and technology is not the same order of magnitude.The price of heaven and earth, the size of the market enlarged, more just need, the suspension of explosives, swelling agent on the field.


There is always a feeling that South Asia is a magical land.India, for example.A few days ago, turgeon would talk about hot at the beginning, suddenly talk about flameout, at the same time, India and Pakistan where live fire, began to be very fierce, just eat melon crowd did not react, they did not fight.Why is that?Face and steps.

China says that poor people aim high, while India is just the opposite.Marry a daughter, send a plane directly!

India, the god presses platoon to give this magical country, resource is rich, beautiful stone, luxurious stone material, it is master very big face and bold and unconstrained character really.The beautiful monuments of the taj mahal, kadima, elephant island caves and upper naves are testimony to the origin of Indian stone.Now India is a pioneer in the world stone industry and a big country in stone mining and raw stone export.

China, as the largest importer of stones from India, likes Indian stones, such as granite and black sands.From China’s 4-5 small counties to the first line of the north, guangzhou-shenzhen, home decoration, hotels, guesthouses, conference centers all use this Indian produced black granite with gold dot.Chimakurthy, a town in Ongole district of pradha, consumes no less than 500 containers of SCA bloat a year.It is indisputable that India is the world’s largest consumer of SCA.

West, unique limestone mineral resources.For China’s cement production base, to provide adequate raw materials, but also for quarrying SCA under burnt lime.In 2002, it began to get involved in the overseas market promotion of SCA. Borad may be the “whampoa military academy” of quarrying SCA industry. I am not the President, but also the “first phase of whampoa”.15 years to create China’s SCA service quarry myth.


Any product, a technology, an invention has a product life cycle, a market cycle, there is always a new technology to replace.In the Yangtze river, the front wave pushes the back wave, and the front wave dies on the beach.

In China, the national policies of environmental protection storm, mining ban, industrial structure, transformation and upgrading, and turning to One Belt And One Road mining resources have been implemented steadily in recent years.Due to the tight supply of raw materials, the foreign quarrying market puts forward new requirements for SCA expansion powder, such as slow cracking, low efficiency, safety, perforation injury and environmental pollution.


In 2017, the first gas expansion splitter military quarrying industry brought epoch-making changes to the global natural stone mining industry.

Biggest bright spot: no shock wave, no vibration wave, no explosion wave!Instead of dynamite, it takes at least four hours for an expansive agent to crack the rock, and a gas expansion splitter only seconds.

Gas expansion crack, the underlying technology is difficult, simple and clear working principle, and easy to operate, convenient.The principle is that CO2 gas can be turned into liquid state under high pressure. The liquid CO2 vaporizes at a moment, the volume is 600 times larger, and it operates at low temperature.There is no shock wave, no vibration wave, no explosion wave.With high efficiency, energy saving, green, environmental protection quarrying, a listing, attracting countless eyes, the market thumb up!

The transition from the era of “civil explosives” to the era of “silent static explosion” was just a one-night stand. It took ten years to move from the era of “silent static explosion” to the era of “gas expansion”.

The cycle of upgrading products is constantly refreshing.There are 16 technological breakthroughs in the six exclusive products of third-generation gas expansion.It is not only the increase of single quantity, but also the upgrade of product brought by qualitative change.


Gas expansion cracking USES CO2 physics to do work, which is a kind of highly efficient, energy saving, green and environmental protection excavator. It is believed that China’s CO2 expansion cracking technology will bring an epoch-making impact on the world’s natural stone mining industry, and it will also have a broad market potential, promising prospect, and must create a new “stone” generation for world stone mining!

In the past 19 years, xiamen international stone exhibition, focusing on the global import and export of stone, is seeking new breakthroughs and growth in a different way from the previous transformation and upgrading.Wake up ten thousand years of the natural operation of the universe precipitation, we are not mining machinery porters, we are the leader in stone mining technology.

The annual carnival of stone people around the world

At 9:00 on March 6, the curtain went up as scheduled

Exhibition viewing, stone appreciation, product design, negotiation, collision thinking…I have an appointment with you at booth B3123.