China Rock Tools supplier Report in South Africa Mine (2)

The next day, from Bloemfotein, through Kimberly (where the diamond mine was first discovered), it took less than an hour to drive to Postmasburg, a well-known iron ore mine in South Africa. A city is a mining area. Once you enter Postmasburg, you can see it, big and small. The mine does not end, the wide-ranging road is full of iron ore transport heavy trucks coming and going, so busy, accompanied by my Jeff while driving the Toyota four-wheel drive off-road, while a few Jane introduced the well-known mining company passing by, PMG Mining, Kumba Mining, Khunani mining, Sishen Mining, Sudibeng Iron Ore,

After more than one hour of physical examination, we finally entered the largest iron ore mine with Kumba Mining. According to the local mine manager, there are currently three grades of ore in the iron ore, IRON, BIS, SHALE, ore hardness. As well as the abrasiveness, the submersible drilling rig is mainly based on Atlas Copco, D65 and D60. The drilling tools are dominated by MINCON, ROBIT, ATLAS, SANDVIK, and the Mincon 6-inch down-the-hole impactor is 1000-12000 meters, 165mm. 171mm DTH drill bit BIS, 400-500 meters, SHALE 700-800 meters, 300,000 meters per month, the demand for drilling tools is considerable.

Atlas Copco FlexiROC T35 rods of more than 10 open-air hydraulic rock drilling rigs are now T38, 3.66mm long and T45-3.66m. The FlexiROC T35 T40 Full Hydraulic Top Hammer Drill is suitable for use in iron ore mining, diamond mine operations. Drilling hole diameter: 64mm-115mm Drill: T38-64, T45, 89, T51-115 bit, MF quick change solder T38, T45, T51, 3050 MM, 3660 MM, rock drill and shank adaptors: COP1840, COP2540+

In addition, 5 FlexiROC T45 multi-function top hammer drills, introduced by the mine manager, are high-performance drilling rigs specially developed and designed for the harsh and complex construction environment. It can also be used efficiently in South African iron ore mining, and limestone mining sites. Drilling hole diameter: 89mm-140mm Drill: T51-115mm, 127mm, 140mm bit, MF quick change solder T51, 3660 MM, 4300MM, rock drill and shank: COP2560, COP3060.

Known as the “Diamond Kingdom”, South Africa is rich in mineral resources and is one of the five largest mineral resources countries in the world. There are more than 70 kinds of minerals that have been proven and mined. The reserves of platinum group metals, fluorspar and chromium rank first in the world, gold, vanadium, manganese and zircon rank second, titanium ranks fourth, phosphate mine, uranium, lead and niobium rank fifth, coal, Zinc ranks eighth and copper ranks ninth. South Africa has a long history of mining, with a comprehensive modern mining system and advanced mining and smelting technology, and is the backbone of South Africa’s economy. In 2012, the output value accounted for 5.5% of GDP. Mineral products are an important part of exports. In 2012, exports of mineral products accounted for 38% of total exports.

Therefore, the market data, for our drillers, can be said to be unlimited business opportunities. Through this field mine inspection, it is learned that a considerable part of the rock drilling tools currently used in South Africa are imported from China. At the same time, the number of Chinese-made rock drilling tools that have entered the South African mining industry through various channels has increased in recent years. The South African drilling and blasting accessories, consumables, tools market has great potential. In recent years, the comprehensive performance of Chinese Down the hole and top hammer drilling production tools has been close to the level of foreign famous brands. The popularity of China’s manufacturing drilling tools has also slowly increased, which has increased the sales of Chinese drilling consumablesproducts in the South African market.

China is now the world’s second largest economy (GBD 74 trillion yuan in 2016), a major mining country, and also a big country of drilling tools. China’s comprehensive economic strength continues to grow. With the continuous improvement of the manufacturing level of China’s rock tools, its quality level has been Approaching or reaching the world’s advanced level. Therefore, with the development of African economy and the increasing demand for rock tools in the future, China’s mining equipment enterprises will increase their development efforts in Africa, increase market share, increase sales scale and increase brand awareness, which is a general trend in conformity with market development. China’s mining tools can only truly participate in the economic construction of Africa, and we can realize the dream of China’s rock tools as soon as possible, and the brand dream is just around the corner.