China Rock Tools supplier Report in South Africa Mine (1)

As is known to all, South Africa’s reserves and production of diamonds, gold, platinum-based metals, manganese, and chromium are among the highest in the world. The mining industry is a pillar industry in African countries such as South Africa. Mining ore requires a large number of rock drilling tools, earth and stone excavation, and the basic industries such as road construction, airport construction, port construction, real estate and hydropower stations also require rock tools.

At present, China-Africa relations are increasingly close, mainly reflecting the level of economic cooperation and construction. It can be expected that if the land of Africa develops in the next 20 or 30 years, like the 30 years of reform and opening up in China, the demand for drilling tools will be like the top three in China. Ten years of the same as the spurt of growth, as the exporter of Chinese rock drilling tools, heading into a new era, but also to take practical actions, respond to the call of the new era of the country, the Belt and Road and the development and construction of African plans, advance into Africa, develop large tools In the market, we have been on the road.

On September 15th, the South African International Mining Exhibition Electra Mining Africa 2018 lasted for 5 days and ended the second day. According to this confirmed visit, accompanied by the mine owner Mr. Geoff , from Johannesburg Sandton PROTEA departs at 8:30 and goes straight to the Letseng Mine diamond mine. The town of Letseng is located in Lesotho Lesotho, small country in South Africa, along the four towns of Villiers, Frankfort, Bethlehem, Fouriesburg, driving in the endless desert. In the middle, the land is sparsely populated, blue sky and white clouds, the sky, the wild.

At noon, I entered the Lesotho border. South Africa’s exit was very smooth. It was covered with a chapter and passed through. When I entered the border with Lesotho, I was in trouble. It was said that as long as a citizen with a South African visa is allowed to enter Lesotho, it is exempt from visas. Immigration office staff, without Lesotho visa, unable to enter the country, after half an hour of coordination, to run a 24-hour VISA, finally passed the customs, in general, the Chinese are still very friendly, I heard that there are many Chinese in Lesotho, enter In Lesotho , surrounded by mountains, cliffs and mountains, rolling, the car circling slowly at an altitude of 2,500-3000 meters around the mountain road, a little cloudy feeling. Arrive at AfriSkin Hotel at 3pm, this is the 3010m restaurant and hotel with the highest non-highest poster. I stayed in the office, put my luggage, and immediately rushed to the Letseng diamond mine.

After half an hour of safety knowledge in the mining area, I finally entered the diamond mining area. The mine pit is very deep. The mine has a large wind and sand. The heavy-duty transport truck loaded with nearly 100 tons of diamond ore whizzes past, the wheels are rolling, and the dust from the Yang to the tornado If you don’t see the road, you can’t see the road at all.

According to the regulations, you can’t visit the mine in the mining area. You can only stay in the pickup truck and listen to the person in charge of the mine. Let’s see the situation of the diamonds in the Letseng diamond mine. Time, several classes, on-site, Letseng Diamond Mine D60, D65 Atlas Copco DTH drill rig, a total of 6 working, 200,000 meters per month, main 127, 140, 165 DTH drill bit( DTH button bit ) , fitting 4″, 6″ Down the hole (DTH) hammer . According to the survey: Smart ROC D60/D65 is a down-hole drilling rig that can meet your needs in various mining processes. It is an ideal choice for mines and large quarries. Drilling aperture: 110mm-203m, DTH impact 4″, 5″, 6″, drill pipe 5 m, maximum drilling depth: 55 m.