Breakthrough, extraordinary! This should be just the beginning.

March 23, Italy.The warm wind has brought warmth to the peninsula and witnessed a new milestone in china-italy relations.

The two heads of state shook hands and witnessed the signing of the memorandum of understanding on jointly promoting the “One Belt And One Road”.And signed a series of cooperation agreements, decided to build a “One Belt And One Road”, showing mutual benefit and win-win ambition.

Italy, the old eu power.As a member of the G7, representing the western elite group of countries.The G7, the seven most developed and powerful western countries in the world, is America’s closest circle of Allies.

Although the “One Belt And One Road” initiative has been put forward for more than five years and over 100 countries have joined the initiative, the vast majority of them are still developing countries.

Obviously, interest, huge interest, the aiib and the “One Belt And One Road” are like magnets, and Italy’s entry into the group marks the successful attraction of the developed countries in Europe.Most of the developing countries in Asia have entered China’s One Belt And One Road group.

Speaking of developing countries in Asia, we have to say asean. We can simply analyze the southeast Asian market.

Demographic dividend: southeast Asia has a high population density, and its current population size has reached 630 million (60% of which are young people), accounting for 8.6% of the world’s total population, nearly 50% of which are urban population, with a median age of about 29 years old.Under the serious trend of global aging, the working-age population in southeast Asia will keep growing until 2020.All of these factors will help make southeast Asia one of the world’s biggest markets for the economy.

Steady GDP growth: in 2017, the GDP of 11 southeast Asian countries totaled $2.72 trillion, with a per capita GDP of $4,214.Indonesia’s GDP topped us $1010.940 trillion in 2017, ranking first in southeast Asia, followed by Thailand and Malaysia.

In 2017, the overall GDP growth rate of the whole asean region reached over 5%, and the GDP growth rate of several major asean countries basically exceeded 5.3%.

China-asean strategic trust deepens: major infrastructure projects China is undertaking in southeast Asia include the jakarta-bandung high-speed railway (jakarta-bandung high-speed railway), the china-laos railway (china-laos railway), the china-thailand railway (china-thailand railway) and the china-myanmar oil and gas pipeline.

With the release of the vision 2030 for china-asean strategic partnership, china-asean cooperation has been further deepened.Thanks to the One Belt And One Road initiative, business contacts between China and southeast Asia have become more frequent, creating unprecedented opportunities for Chinese enterprises to explore the southeast Asian market.

There is no doubt that yesterday, borland signed the Indonesian engineering project agreement at xiamen airport, which is one of the most significant breakthroughs in the company’s business order in 2019 so far, without any breakthrough.

“Indonesia has special geographical advantage in construction of connectivity, we are glad to seize the historical opportunity, to build the” area “, the introduction of advanced CO2 gas treasure, Howard blasting technology and excellent product series, help us to complete engineering task impossible before, believes that this will help us fully tap potential for cooperation in engineering “.Mr Pino, the chief executive of CONFRAC, a well-known Indonesian firm, would exult at the business.

On Saturday, CONFRAC Indonesia has been in contact with the company to send the CEO of a surprise visit, mainly the group contract 3 major engineering projects together, the project a day 4000 cubic meters of andesite and limestone mining.The total project is 4 million square meters, and the construction period is half a year.

Due to time constraints, they left xiamen and flew to the north for a meeting on Saturday afternoon after only two hours to introduce the project preparation.Next, the company team worked overtime to update the project plan and finished the project at 2 o ‘clock.

Yesterday afternoon, they returned to xiamen for a transfer flight back to Jakarta. It took less than 40 minutes to reach a cooperation agreement at KFC airport. The contract amount was only about RMB 10 million for consumables of crack tube.It can be seen that the CO2 gas explosion engineering market has broad prospects and great potential!

From silent expandable agent to carbon dioxide gas splitter, our team has been exploring the overseas market for five years.After xiamen stone exhibition this month, sri lankan client IMRAN came to the site of quangang. After field investigation, he immediately broke the ice and signed the order.

This is undoubtedly “One Belt And One Road” large project static explosion market in a milestone significance of the major breakthrough, in attracting many quarry engineering old customers, and now in southeast Asia’s largest market – India nasi tore a hole.

Extraordinary! This should be just the beginning.

The carbon dioxide gas splitter comes into being, shines on stage and leads the world.Application scene is: momentum pounds thin, overwhelming, power shock, straight brush three view!It is the inevitable development history of several generations of non-explosive civil blasting technology.

Of course, the process of upgrading this technology is also thrilling.Heavy casualties, is a deadly project, the state also control, rectification, has now been rectified, also issued standards, the global promotion of this environmental protection, safety and green energy saving technology, affirmed that carbon dioxide gas cracking device in mining, municipal engineering has a particularly safe and efficient role and contribution.

For China, the diplomatic breakthrough between China and Italy is a result of brilliant strategy and game making, as well as the skillful moves of leaders.For enterprises, in the international business environment of major-country diplomacy, “One Belt And One Road” offers unlimited business opportunities that can be expected, explored and encountered.Without the endorsement of great power, there will be no tomorrow for our enterprises.

In the spring of 2019, the overseas market project of borade starts to make efforts, but the more wonderful and dazzling one should still be in the future…