A Person’s Greatest Ability is to Let a Person Restassured to You!

WeChat era, big talk, there will be temperature, super big, there will be heat.It’s not,

On April 11th, Ma Yun spoke to the internal staff, saying that the enterprise faced the old topic: 996.In the past few days, the original text has gone viral on the Internet. From south to north, ali’s foreign trade has been splashed with blood. My circle of friends has received nearly 100 retweets.Very not lively, I also gather together a number, say a few words.

My own consistent way of thinking is that in this world, there is no absolute right or wrong, only different positions, this is the truth of the world.So, let’s stop talking about the 996 itself and think about the deeper things behind it.

Ma Yun is right: in the workplace, as a worry, competent, reliable, assured people, than what is important.What is the kernel?It’s your ability.What is competence?Ability is productivity, the ability to make money for the company and to ensure that the company wins in the marketplace.As for, 996, as an effort to success, is completely correct, just think, you want to do a good job in foreign trade, do well in business, make more money, go up knowledge, why not 997.

Foreign trade company’s logistics unit, finance, documentary, making documents, less mistakes, no mistakes, less digging, not digging, for the business unit good escort, work in place, details in place, customer satisfaction, shipment on time, documents correct, timely notice, instant communication, not the boss worry.Why does it have to be 996.

4.12, sponsored by the xiamen JXC technology co., LTD., foreign trade boss salon will be held in the wanda plaza, as the foreign trade since the media I am JXC products, users, I share and communicate with the boss: smart marketing platform fully accurate drainage channels, to the public, website content marketing thinking, achieve customer growth and growing experience.

The lecture lasted for 4 hours and ended at 6 o ‘clock. Cindy xiaocong led the team to resume the dialogue for nearly 2 hours.On that day, ye always in tongan do big things, the boss is not, the team take the initiative to work overtime, all speak, all serious notes.I think in my heart: a person’s greatest ability is to let people rest assured that you, the success of the small cong is not accidental.Internet technology and the success of the bottom, and let the boss rest assured that the success of team building.A company is bound to have two brushes.In China, there are thousands of cross-border e-commerce enterprises and cross-border operators in China who do not want to make money and who do not want to succeed.Don’t look at others, not tall, the height of the speech which guy must be “will be ling top, a glance at the mountains“, the audience also trump.

No. 4.11 Ma Yun said to internal staff: “ali also worked overtime in the early years, but what do we work?After 8 hours of overtime work, the most important night is to resume and study.We should learn from each other about what we did wrong today and what things we should fix.”” the two or three hours that we have beyond the eight hours is learning and promotion, not overtime work.” “

Ma Yun’s means: do I ask you to work overtime, no, never, I am to let you learn, improve themselves, learning training time?Who give, you give, the company’s office hours.

You want to become a competent person, doing things to people at ease, worry, do not operate, your ability to work the bar.Someone better than you is still working overtime. Can’t you work harder?

When Ma Yun does poineering work, he is famous for: work lets a person be at ease, it is the highest state of duty field.At work, you must have met a kind of person, working with him, always feel insecure.You can’t help but remind him of certain details, because she will be wrong if you don’t.That’s not always true.Most of the time, you’re on tenterhooks, ready to help her fill in the hole.

More than 10 years ago, I in the production of stone tools department when the manager, before is my hair from EDM, quotation, PI, purchase order, charter booking warehouse, filling material, documents making, “card, documentary, such as one-stop live, all my own dry, behind, I developed, Spain’s largest Graninter SA is also the world’s largest stone sand see-saw factory, more than 100 sand see-saw, companies with foreign trade assistant for help, she is a distant cousin of the boss’s child.

She was mainly responsible for assisting me to follow up major clients, making documents and shipping affairs. She was able to do miscellaneous work at first, and then independently followed up with orders. When problems arose, she also had prominent shortcomings: she was quite casual in work and liked short cut.Don’t like timely feedback, don’t like to ask, do things according to their own ideas, details constantly.

In the beginning, she was given verbal exhortation, and then she was deducted from the system. Her attitude was very good, but she was not good at correcting mistakes. She was arrogant and could not calm down.

After I when the boss, has long opposed, disgust, documents staff always “Copy” “plagiarism” historical documentation, because is very easy to get wrong, I miss so, Copy the movement is “fool” model, but of the brain, the Copy is convenient, fast, a probability problem, text, files, documents, the original is the business of foreign trade documents, documents work must be the work of thinking.

After making by hand, the error rate of documents, emails and documents that have been considered by the brain and examined by the eyes will be low.The document that the previous teacher write, make of document you regard as a standard use, end: superstition teacher, harm oneself, dead tired colleague.

Without thinking through oneself, oneself handle, the product that oneself spend idea is not you forever oneself, achieve ability to did not rise, you copy 100 articles, be inferior to writing 1 achieve formerly.You copy 100 documents instead of making one by yourself.

Knowledge must be recreated, digested, experience must be accumulated, and experience must be experienced.You think wahaha, grow up, focus on life “porter”.

One of the most important documents in the foreign trade documents is the ocean bill of lading. Once the port was wrongly written, she wrote “jeddah” instead of “daman”, because the customer had two places to receive goods, he directly copied the material supplement of the last bill of lading and did not change it. It was not until the customer arrived at the bill of lading that he found the destination port and fainted.

Once the name Calcium Hydroxide is less a “d” on the certificate of origin, the guest may not be able to clear off, mail CO, produce many port costs.

In the past 10 years, the FOB major customer in Spain was changed to CIF for a long time, but she still copied the contents of FOB last time. The freight forwarder of the customer directly sent an email to the customer, and the customer complained to change the price terms. How would the customer think after receiving the documents?

Sometimes I think the biggest benefit of hacker viruses is to break up an old world of data and let your own hands rebuild a new world of data, depending on where you go to copy old files.

The customer accidentally reversed the information of several products of the company, HSCA was written as SCA, and she was instructed to prepare the documents according to the customer’s PI. Finally, she carefully corrected the customer’s mistake by HSCA and successfully went to the bank for negotiation. For the discrepancy, the bank deducted several hundred dollars, and the customer could not clear the customs.

There is also a strong time limit for the delivery of documents. The sailing period is short. The shipping company signs the documents in 7 days, the Saudi DP bank examines the documents in 10 days, and the Saudi bank in 3 days, a total of 20 days.

So make bill, certificate of origin, commercial bill CCPIT attestation time is quite nervous, if do not have time concept, do not have nervous feeling, procrastinate, certain meeting has an accident.When you work, you have to be clear, organized and planned. Otherwise, when you do one thing, dig a hole and cooperate with such people, you always feel exhausted physically and mentally, because you have to help them fill the hole again and again.

Documentary customer is the rural “double rob” rush against the time, grab customers, no hot and bothered, no carefully, no serious, with a guest, burn a fire, fire eyebrows, customer satisfaction with the company?I want you to keep the order. Other colleagues become your firefighters.

I’ve worked with a variety of colleagues over the years.Some colleagues are arrogant but competent. At this time, I will choose to tolerate his shortcomings.Don’t have to be friends, but can cooperate;Some colleagues are indeed incompetent, but he is willing to reflect and learn and do better every time.Such a person, I am willing to give him time to grow with him.

But, to be fair, the most difficult thing for me to accept is to fill a colleague’s hole like this.I really deeply realized how important it is to be a reliable person.

I remember, entrepreneurship 2008 which will, when the boss during the day, sleep on the floor at night, the company is small, please a girl liu, secondary school graduation, in the company to do more than 4 years, just came in, English is not good, say no, write bad, serious learning, English every day, also go to the American league English training, not PS, online courses,

The documents were not familiar at the beginning, and I was very careful when I made several mistakes. Once I made a mistake in the station, I would paste the big character poster in front of the station, and always remind myself to be careful, be careful, and be careful again.I have been working overtime every day for 996 hours. I am very serious about material supplement and bill of lading. I check every letter in English.

When she left, I remember she said it was like college.I smiled and did not answer, she asked me the last question: boss, I in the self-study junior college, after wants to read the undergraduate course, what is the highest state of the duty field, in the work, biggest ability is what.

I say: do let a person be at ease, it is the highest state of duty field.A person’s greatest ability is to make people feel at ease with you.The more successful people, the more attention to details, details determine success or failure.She wrote it down and asked me to sign it.I feel that the idea is not enough, add the following text:

Once you have decided on your career, you must put your heart into your work. You must love your job and never complain. You must spend your whole life honing your skills.Without a bitter frost, which has wintersweet smell.

Come to think of it now, with mixed feelings, now 90 years after the world, such as you think I am preaching, empty words, big words, which we see success, niubi people, how to say.No. 4.11 jack ma said to employees of alibaba in the exchange.”Every one of us in this world wants to be successful, to have a good life and to be respected. I would like to ask you all, how can you achieve the success you want without putting in more effort and time than others?”

Here’s ma’s internal exchange:

About 996, now this is a very hot topic in China, many enterprises have this problem.Personally, I think 996 is a great blessing, many companies, many people think 996 have no chance.If you weren’t 996 when you were younger, when would you be 996?You’ve never had a 996 in your life, and you think you’re proud?In this world, every one of us wants to succeed, to have a better life and to be respected. I would like to ask you all, how can you achieve the success you want without putting in more effort and time than others?

I don’t want to say 996, as of today, I’m definitely above 12×12.There are a lot of 996 people in the world, people who work 12 hours a day, 13 hours a day, people who work harder than us, who work harder than us, who are smarter than us.

So today China BAT these companies can 996, I think it is those of us to repair the blessing.You think about the people who don’t have jobs, you think about the people whose companies may be closed tomorrow, you think about the people whose Revenue won’t be known for the next quarter, you think about the people who have made a lot of efforts and whose programs are not being used at all…Compared with them, to this day, I still feel that way, I am lucky, I have no regrets about 12×12, I have never changed myself.

Now a lot of photos that ma yun stood on the side, now C.I have been President of student union and President of hangzhou student union in college.When you look at those pictures, when I was in that corner, I took everyone out, and I was their big boss.Why am I the boss?Because I give more time than they do.In addition to taking exams, I spent more time in the student union than anyone else, learning how to serve others and how to build relationships with classmates so that they can do better in school.Only you pay a huge price, one day there may be a return, you do not pay the price, you can not have a return.

What kind of company is alibaba?Alibaba “let the world not difficult business”, this is our mission, our company is very hard, we did not deceive you, we did not tell you that the company is very comfortable.Do you think “let there be no hard business” is a lie to you?That’s what we did.

Today we have so many resources, we take a huge mission, hope in the future can make the world no difficult business, you do not pay can?Can’t.So we said, join ali, you have to be ready for 12 hours a day, or what are you doing in ali?We have no shortage of comfortable people who work eight hours a day.Today we want to recruit some 8 hours to work, every day sitting in a good office, the condition is very good, the canteen is also good, out the sense of honor is also good, such people can be found all over the street.

But what do we need?We asked you what do you really want to do in this company?It’s about changing yourself, helping others, and fulfilling your mission.

Ali worked overtime in his early years, but what kind of hours did we work?After 8 hours of overtime work, the most important night is to resume and study.We should learn from each other about what we did wrong today and what things we should fix.The other two or three hours are learning and promotion, not overtime work.

If you don’t love what you do, even 8 hours is too long. If you do, 12 hours is not too long.

If you’re not happy at work for eight hours, you’re doing something that doesn’t make sense, and you’re not comfortable.What are you doing? You don’t know what you’re doing for eight hours, it doesn’t make sense, so even if you’re not 996, you don’t know what you’re doing.

This is life, you choose a China today ranked no. 1 company, no. 1 is to pay the price.At least 50 million enterprises in China, you do not choose other, choose this company, of course, this is different.I got home at one yesterday.

Why is that?I choose my own way, no complaints, no complaints, this is my choice.Since we have chosen, ali, instead of making ourselves miserable, we can make your 996 more comfortable. If you work for 10 years, you can work for 20 years, that’s all.

What do we bring to others and what is the return after joining alibaba?That’s what I’ve been thinking about the most.

I don’t think we came to ali because of the high salary, not because of the stock, not because we have a good working environment, not because of the year-end bonus, not because of these things.These are very important, we are the old, the young, have a wife and children, we must take care of them.

If you can’t take care of your family, give them a good life, a good education, and take care of your parents’ health, that’s a wrong life.But what I want to think about most is how we can make a difference if you stay at ali for 10 years.

Change in one year, change in three years, you go back, your parents found this child has changed, your wife found how my husband has become an ideal, become an idea, become focused on work, your children think mom and dad is different from others.This is the personal growth we hope for ali people. The growth is not how big the position is, but your attitude towards problems, difficulties and life.

All the people who join ali will be different in three years, and different in five years.Ten years later, ali people, anywhere we go, we are at ease.We definitely have to practice this skill, but this decade you have to practice, that is to pay the price of beyond ordinary people.

What else are you doing here?I put it all together, it’s a little hard to hear, but that’s it.We don’t have to fool you, come on, the conditions are good, we don’t have to fool you now, we didn’t fool you before, we don’t have to fool you today.

I think alibaba is doing amazing things today.What we do can have real value to society, so that people can buy better things and enjoy a better life.

Business is the biggest public welfare, create jobs, create taxes, no business tax, no economic development, where the high-speed rail, where the highway?We have contributed to the progress of our society, we have allowed everyone in ali to grow, and we have created countless jobs.

Comments: 40 years of spectacular achievements of China’s foreign trade empire prosperity, ali on numerous legends, such as: xiamen sales goddess: ali Zhou Daomei lady, fujian first 149800 out of the hand of the self, longhai saw blade steel shot set mr.wong on striking table, say after 3 months, xiao hu, then clap is too heavy, hemp, now I feel a little pain.Ali returns the country, creates legend, benefits the buyer, true.However, don’t forget that ali has been engaged in fierce competition among Chinese suppliers for 20 years.Yesterday, an old foreign trade driver told me that the ma zong’s road across the border in 20 years has been smooth and smooth.”, but not to do the foreign business more simple, but the rules are more complex and unpredictable, algorithm than Google more cow force, the underlying technology than WeChat pretend bility, at any time you follow into become baby “payment”, ten years ago I do a one hundred million yuan to sell 3 people, now do a $20 people, five people, the rules of play may be an exaggeration, it is real!

Ali has a blessing, we these people to solve their own food and clothing, have their own very good income, their company does not have to worry too much about profit, we can also do something for others, this is a great blessing.

In fact, public welfare is to help themselves, charity may be to help others.I am really proud of myself. Many of us in alibaba today, but many of them are not public, and they have done a lot of public welfare. I also hope that all ali people, you can either participate in the numerous public welfare organizations within the whole alibaba group, or participate in the public welfare foundation of alibaba.

A lot of people just want to give mom and dad to buy a car, buy a house, this is very important, but I think you should have the ideal, in ali’s work for 10 years, 15 years, one day can build a public welfare fund, can do some want to do, to help your children more blessed, blessed help yourself, not a good thing?So this is going to be 996.