2018 Shanghai Bauma,Entering countdown

Today is the day of the closing of November today, at the end of the year, has to be summarized. You and I will not have another life in 2018, no matter how rich you are, or if you have no fortune.

Maybe you have a feeling of light years at this time. 2018 is going fast. Just like the Maglev train from Pudong to Longyang Road on the Nov.27th, the time flies, and it is too late to feel. It is a few minutes until the end of the year. In retrospect, ProDrill was established in 2008. At the Shanghai Bauma Exhibition, my colleagues and I also took the time to take the maglev train in Shanghai to feel the speed of the Shanghai MRT.

2018, for Chinese miner, is destined to be a different year. In the second half of the year, from Africa’s ardent September South African Mining Machinery Exhibition, to the Nanyang-style November PHILCONSTRUCT Philippines , until today’s Shanghai Bauma Engineering Machinery Exhibition, Chinese engineers, miners, foreign traders, using the power of China,the legend of China, continued to write the scale of the exhibition of the first Shanghai China Expo, the miracle of the number of the people.

Mr Moises–who is the General Manager from President of GALFER SA, the representative of Spain agency for 15 years, participated in the Expo as an export exhibitor, came to our booth at JNMC 125 Square and listened to the technicians carefully. Interesting in The environmentally-friendly LHD which Placed in the exhibition hall, tall and heavy, blue and white, 2 sets all newly installed, equipped with the world’s first SCANIA (the world’s first heavy-duty truck intelligent environmentally efficient engine)6 cubic intelligence environmentally LHD.Tony has always used English/Spain to say that it is full of emotion:

JNMC is a LHD real cool, technical configuration, environmentally friendly and intelligent, saving safety more than foreign well-known brands, reflecting the wisdom of China’s intellectual creation, JNMC.

Moises said with deep feelings: I started to meet with Simon from 2012, knowing, working together, and cooperating for 6 years. I feel that PRODRILL has been growing every year in China, in transformation, in breakthrough, from South America to South Africa, from tools to equipment. From light to heavy.

Just like, China’s Belt and Road world forces, as well as China’s reform and opening up, set the market internationalization of the human market community, 2018 imports are growing fast, exports are accelerating, and internationalization is accelerating. The 2018 Bauma exhibition is proof.

I can’t describe how grandeur the bauma China 2018 is. I am so excited, too happy. The China BMW Show is as deep as the Pacific Ocean and as wide as it is. I am just a PDC on the shore, a drill, a underground truck, a mining equipment buyer.

since 2010, I have been exhibiting as a rig exhibitor every two years to participate in the world’s top engineering mine exhibitions, and also the world’s nearly 100 million industrial miners carnival.

According to the data released by the Bauma Organizing Committee: Bauma China 2018, attract 3,350 exhibitors from 38 countries and regions around the world, the scale reached  330,000 ㎡, and the number of visitors on the 28th was nearly 350,000.

We are here to meet each other. In the first three days, Jinchuan ground and ProDrill team received a total of more than 20 years of old customers and new friends, 125 square booths,Like the Shanghai subway station, heavy traffic on the street.

I saw that some of my colleagues’ voices were dumb. The general manager of Zhang Jin, a manufacturer of the Nissan Industrial Company’s brazing equipment factory, also personally received foreigners, directly using the multi-language translation artifacts given to the foreign president by premier Li Keqiang, people and machines together, visit the tide of customers, wave after wave of waves,

Somebody like to understanding of new products, Somebody like to have to quote, Somebody like to have an order for the next year, Somebody place the order directly with cash. After 3 days, you can only eat a full meal and drink a few pieces of water. Mr. Zhang said that the exhibition was really tired and tired. So foreign customers recognized the tools and liked them. There were a lot of exhibitors at the soldering factory. This exhibition is really too many people, and they have a fight with the Shanghai subway. Under the scene, really, let just work as a teenagers. Don’t participate, can’t help without say a few words of English.

This year’s Bauma, with unprecedented grand occasions, unprecedented grand occasions, global Bauma, China’s power is not an exaggeration. Borrowing the Premier Wenbao’s prime minister once said: Jinchuan of the world, China’s pride, and our Chinese industrial and miner minds say: the world’s Bauma, China’s pride.

Today is the Shanghai Bauma Exhibition. On the last day, I look forward to the global nickel mine ranking third national brand Jinchuan investment 1 million booth, once again ushered in the climax of the signing. Let the China’s drilling tools, China’s mining machine overseas orders richer. Come on!