The exchange rate of the local currency broke “7”, did your foreign trade smell “7” dance?

In the autumn, Beijing, a few heavy rains, the weather has cooled down significantly. But unlike the autumn cool, since August,The United States has undergone a wave of “God” operations on China’s trade war,A wave is higher than a wave, a full summer heat wave, let us take a look.

In the early morning of August 1, the Fed announced a 25 basis point cut in interest rate, and lowered the target rate of the federal funds rate to 2.00%-2.25%, in advance, shrinking!

On the same day, Trump said through Twitter that the United States will impose a 10% tariff on US$300 billion of goods imported from China from September 1 this year. suddenly!

The Fed cut interest rates while releasing the hawkish signal. The US dollar index soared and reversed. The RMB exchange rate against the US dollar was doubled in both the onshore market and the offshore market after the opening on August 1.

On August 5, both the offshore RMB and the onshore exchange rate “broken 7”. The central parity of the RMB against the US dollar fell below the 6.90 mark, the first time in 10 years since December last year, breaking 7!

Today, the RMB exchange rate “7” is not a simple figure, it is the defense line of the RMB exchange rate. In the past decade, the renminbi has been approaching the number “7” against the US dollar many times, but the last minute is always a little bit worse. Every time the market is expected to break “7”, each time failed to do so.

One or two times, in many people’s eyes, the number “7” has been given a special meaning. As if it were a curse, breaking the seven means breaking the spell, which means the change of China’s monetary policy. Is that a change in policy?

The exchange rate of the local currency broke “7”, did your foreign trade smell “7” dance?-ProDrill

The central bank made an urgent voice, and also played such an analogy, intriguing! The RMB exchange rate is “breaking 7”. This “7” is not an age, and it will not come back in the past.

It is not a dam. Once it is broken, it will bleed for a thousand miles. The “7” is more like the water level of the reservoir. It is higher during the high-water period. It will fall down when it is dry, and it will be normal.

On August 6, the US recognized China as a “currency manipulator”

According to New York Times columnist KEITH BRADSHER: Currently, the United States has imposed a tariff of about 25% on a variety of Chinese goods arriving at a US port. If the yuan falls by 10%, tariffs will basically fall by 15%.

The depreciation of the renminbi, foreign trade exports are temporary positive! The depreciation of the renminbi can support exports. For foreign traders, good fortune is earned, but in the long run, the factory is actually losing money. Because the devaluation of the renminbi means that prices have risen, raw materials prices have increased, and costs have increased. The original sales price has not moved. It is less income.

Especially in the case of the depreciation of the renminbi, this will undoubtedly increase the competitiveness of the relevant steel companies. Brazing steel is a fine branch of structural steel. It is the main raw material for rock drilling tools, including threaded tools, tapered tools, down-hole drilling tools, cone drilling tools, and root tube drilling tools. The export market is full of expectations.

The change in the exchange rate of the RMB exchange rate is closely related to the lives of every Chinese citizen, the stock market, and the property market. The impact on foreign trade enterprises that settled foreign exchange in US dollars is immediate.

Now, the downward pressure on the domestic economy is still very large, forcing domestic foreign trade capacity, no foreign trade capacity factory, vying for the first hole to run on the “Belt and Road” runway, and foreign trade companies to grab the market, compete for the ground, fight prices.

Foreign traders are developing professional roads in depth, or expanding product lines, developing several product projects, expanding revenue points, not bright in the east, bright in the west, deep digging holes in old customers, and extensive controversy in the foreign trade circle.

After years of experience in foreign trade business, it is concluded that providing one-stop product integration solutions for your key target users or large customers is the ultimate way for the survival and development of foreign trade companies.

In 2002, before I started my business, I worked in Saudi Arabia for some time. The Saudi stone powers, most mine owners, had their own mines to mine, and there were factories to process stone products. The product line required for stone mining and deep processing is still very long.

Quarrying: Inevitably, drilling rigs, pneumatic drills, trolleys, rigs, rock drills, supporting drill bits, taper drill rods, integral drill rods, alloy sheets, drill rod repair machines, grinding wheels, grinders, etc.

In the quarry, the cracking stone uses expansion agent and crushing agent, which consumes 10,000 tons per year and 27 tons in a heavy cabinet. Also, this year, the carbon dioxide expansion cracking technology—-gas burst cracking machine. 10 seconds to open the stone 1500 square rock, 20 cracked tube to get!

Stone Factory: 56 sets of large super diamond group saws, good guys! This market is too much! About a half-month consumes a set of diamond wire saws about 1400 meters, 35 knives, sawing Saudi gold diamonds, not more than 7,000 square plates.

Calculated at 3.5 US dollars per square, the output value is more than 20,000 US dollars. One month saw a $50,000 order, 5 sets of saws, $250,000 a month, $2.5 million a year, the purchase amount, this is not a single product sale, but a project development, long-term, long-term cooperation.

A few years ago, you walked into any sand saw factory, and you couldn’t see the sawing workshop at the head. The rows of rows of sand saws were neatly placed. It was spectacular! A sand saw machine, a giant, a Steel sand and saw blade that ate half a container a month, a container of 27 tons.

For example, a factory has 50 sand sawing machines, at least 250 tons per month, 10 containers of steel sand saw blades, at least 100 containers a year, the value of nearly tens of millions, this is just needed!

Estimate a customer, a country, a market, you can know the market demand with your fingers, if you look at the world, the market volume is not what you imagine!

Any of the above products, one factory to produce, is tens of millions of yuan a year, and the output value of 100 million yuan. This kind of resource integration is not just a product stack, it is listed. It is the long-term walking of rivers and lakes, market penetration, brand deep cultivation, technical learning, network accumulation, and relationship maintenance.

Each market has different requirements and subdivisions, doing fine, doing specialization, entering the line, with the ability to take orders, with the strength of orders, the order output comes naturally, not you work overtime every day, tired and tired Live can be achieved. Do one line, love one line, insist on it, stick to it!

If a large-scale product is your exclusive production and supply, then as a sales fulcrum, you can shake up a series of product-bound marketing. So don’t expect all the exported goods to make money. If the competitors want to make money, you have to earn less or not, and the opponents don’t have it. You can price it by your mood.

The exchange rate of the local currency broke “7”, did your foreign trade smell “7” dance?-ProDrill

In the era of mobile Internet, foreign trade, export, and sea, platform, tools, software, and systems are indispensable. What is the purpose: take orders!

No, the chairman of an old stone tool in Beijing, every day, slogan for the marketing team: doing marketing, sales work is to place orders, no order is zero.

The person in charge of the company’s marketing proposed to introduce a set of foreign trade digital marketing solutions —– network marketing cloud platform to promote online marketing. When he heard it, it was broken. You are selling directly on the Internet. How many years have our agency system and channel system been stabilized by our state-owned enterprises? How many billions of business has been stabilized in a year? How can you do this when you sell millions of dollars online? The end customer will find us and the middleman will complain.

Online sales, or digital marketing and agents, dealer channel model is not in conflict. Any live Internet marketing product on the market will not give you a direct order, it will only bring you brand awareness, company influence, website traffic, email inquiry and so on. Conversion is your home business, and orders are your family business.

The Internet is a tool that is suitable for unsuitable and has no effect. It should be docked from the Internet and foreign traders. The Internet is a kind of thinking. Some people say that the website is a 24-hour salesman.

You said, I have a website, but you never look at it yourself. Customers rarely see it because there are only a few dozen traffic per day. This traffic website basically sleeps on the website.

What website is a good website, a little white, has a ranking, a website with traffic, is a good website, has a mobile app, has a layer, has social, interactive, a little praise, has content, has original, has video, has live Multi-dimensional three-dimensional display of company strength and product performance.

In July, the Shandong factory went through, and went to Linyi, Liaocheng, Yanggu, Linqing and Yantai. Shandong Brazing Base, the capital of stone. Speaking of domestic stone processing, there is Fujian water head in the south and Laizhou in Shandong in the north.

Sand saws, as the mainstream equipment for granite blocks and sawing into sheets for more than 20 years, have been infinitely beautiful. In recent years, due to domestic environmental protection and mining restrictions, the number of domestic sand saws cannot be the same as Japanese.

However, no matter how domestic or the world, hundreds of sand saws can not disappear overnight. Sand saws in developing countries are still very advanced sawing equipment. Developed sand saws, including Chinese used sand saws, are sold to low-developed country.

The exchange rate of the local currency broke “7”, did your foreign trade smell “7” dance?-ProDrill

Linyi Xinghua, aiming at this traditional granite sand saw blade segment market segment, using innovative ideas, using double groove design, original 11-pass hot rolling process, precision heat treatment technology.

After half a year of trial production, after numerous trial saws and debugging, the final saw was successful. Since the alloy saw blade was put on the market, domestic users have been acclaimed.

As the originator of saw blade production, the Italian saw blade factory has started to suffer headaches. Now it is the best opportunity in the saw blade market. I believe that this time, Shandong will undertake the glory of the southern saw blade, bring the latest technology to the sea, expand the territory, and go to the water At the place, sit and watch the clouds!

This world is not a wind, not a move, but a heart, and even an action!

The ancient and modern founders, entrepreneurs, must go through three realms: “Last night, the west wind withered trees, alone on the high-rise, looking for the end of the world.” This first place also. “There is no regrets when the belt is gradually widened, and it is awkward for Iraq.” “There are thousands of Baidu in the crowd, and when they look back, the man is in the midst of the lights.” This is the third realm.

An inconspicuous saw blade tells how many touching stories, how many years of hard work, how hard it is, how many times have you experienced the pain of failure, and the joy of success today!

The exchange rate of the local currency broke “7”, did your foreign trade smell “7” dance?-ProDrill

As a foreign trade media person, what I want to say is: the world is in chaos, foreign trade is harder, and the heart is unchanged!

No matter how the world situation changes or how the domestic economy fluctuates, if China wants to maintain its position as the world’s largest exporter, if China wants to achieve success, economic transformation and industrial transformation, there is no such thing as foreign trade. It is impossible to complete!

Forty years of reform and opening up, all the achievements we have made are also inseparable from the hard work and merits of our foreign traders, and we are also coming from the big winds!

The RMB exchange rate is from 8.7 to 6.3, and we are not dead. On the contrary, the RMB exchange rate from 6.3  depreciated to 7 we foreign traders, there are reasons to live better!

Believe in the future, the world will only get smaller and smaller, people will only get closer and closer, and the pace of globalization will eventually be unstoppable.

When you hear the “7” dance, you can hang the clouds and sail to the sea, go to the poor water, sit and watch the clouds!