Smashing: How can the 2021 Xiamen International Stone Fair without foreigners get large overseas orders in seconds?

The world’s first stone exhibition, Xiamen Stone Fair, the second day! 

Stone is related to the world, and welcomes all guests! 

Oriented by zero foreigners and 100% internal circulation, Xiamen Stone Fair is still as hot as the early summer. The stone is beautiful, the car is like the water, the horse is like the dragon, people flow like weaving, and the merchants are like a wave.

Following the global launch of new products on the first day of the exhibition, the social media traffic of the Antai slab cut diamond round niobium sheet has exploded after the whole network social was promoted at 4 am on the first day of the exhibition.

On that night, customers from the United States, Italy, Spain, and Belgium all gave a thumbup, commented, and forwarded. . . On the morning of the 19th, the next day, an Italian customer placed a trial order of nearly USD 10,000 for rock saw blades. If the test is successful, the monthly purchase can reach USD 100,000 to 150,000.

Xiamen Stone Fair, the next day, congratulations to Antai Technology for winning the trial order from the Spanish Quartz Slab Deckton, the stone giant, the original creator and pioneer of high-end rock slab and that from Spain Cosentino.


Smashing: How can the 2021 Xiamen International Stone Fair without foreigners get large overseas orders in seconds?-ProDrill

According to news from Facebook and INS, customers said that the European market of rock slab Dekton is growing by ways of fissions. Global environmental protection and labor health reasons have led to a sharp decline in S natural stone mining, which has become a trend.

Practice has proved that the Prodrill content cross-border e-commerce service platform built in the past 5 years, and the foreign trade digital whole network marketing system, is truly empowering the stone exhibition, online exhibition, second change, on line exhibition is not a dream, not a thought, not a god, not a word, what is it?

It is a powerful tool of a big country, sophisticated tools, ingenuity, detonating from the media, originality of true feelings, creation of emotions, the power of the media, the power of words, the power of content, unlimited dissemination, driving marketing, traffic bursting, and visitors are like waves. The water of the Yellow River comes from the sky, and the waves of the Yangtze River are wide. . .

The good news is: 2021 the world’s largest stone exhibition-Xiamen International Stone Fair, to take advantage of the new era of China’s One Belt One Road.

Plug in the powerful wings of digitization, equipped with the latest Google underlying genes, Ai, the big data core of Hagro Growth 3.0 and the surging flow of customer acquisition motivation,

Use the 4-day exhibition period to create the miracle of 400 days of customer transactions and build the order lithography machine for Chinese stone people. During the exhibition, let the world stone people share the same frequency, let the global stone generation people resonate, live online, and online cloud exhibition.

In the post-epidemic era, today, when cross-border digitalization is booming, there will be some time to get customers to go to sea, ride the wind and the waves.

Smashing: How can the 2021 Xiamen International Stone Fair without foreigners get large overseas orders in seconds?-ProDrill

After two years of precipitation and accumulation, many companies chose this dormant and accumulating outbreak at this year’s Xiamen Stone Fair. They are sincere and confident,

Bringing new products, new colors, new technologies, new designs, and new ideas to the Xiamen Fair, we creates infinite new sparks on the fair with new friends, new customers, and new perspectives.We have hand in hand with all the stone people, fulfilling the promise of renewing the stone generation.Thousands of businessmen gathered to talk about new opportunities in the industry.

In the exhibition, the beauty is like a cloud, but beauty is not the goddess of nature. . .