Y20LY Hand Held Rock Drills for quarrying & demolition

Rock drilling tools manufacturer ProDrill offers high quality Y20 Hand held Rock Drills, powered by pneumatic drive from air compressor, and used for small-hole drilling such as granite, marble, limestone quarrying. And for small size construction, and demolition work, hole size scope 30mm-40mm, match Tapered Drill Rods, Tapered Drill Bits, or Integral Drill Rods together for a drilling use. Y20 hand jack hammer is a light-duty drilling tools with stronger and stable drilling performance, and easy to use, simple repair, price is very competitive, so still popular in stone quarry market for most of following countries such as India, Africa, even Saudi Arabia. Now European quarry owners use hydraulic rock drills to replace Air jack hammers for quarry drilling holes, or blasting bore holes.

Y20LY Hand Held Rock Drills for quarrying & demolition-ProDrill Y20LY Hand Held Rock Drills for quarrying & demolition-ProDrill

Y20LY Hand Held Rock Drills for quarrying & demolition-ProDrill

     Y20LY型凿岩机及配件单价表   单位:元/件
CodePart No.Name名称Price(RMB)
Y20LYRock Drill(Casting)凿岩机(铸件)670.00
1Y20LY-1.05Valve cover阀盖22.00
3Y20LY-1.03Valve chest阀柜24.00
5Y20LY-1.09Rifle bar螺旋棒23.00
6YT24-1.15Crowned spring塔形弹簧0.80
7YT24-1.07Ratchet pawl棘轮爪1.20
8Y20LY-1.08Rifle nut螺旋母33.00
10Y20LY-1.06Setting pin定位销0.80
12Y20LY-1.12Guide sleeve导向套34.00
13Y20LY-2.02Rotational sleeve转动套55.00
14Y20LY-2.03Shank sleeve钎尾套16.00
15Y20LY-2.01Front head机头125.00
16Y20LY-2.06Yoke bolt钎卡螺栓5.50
18Y20LY-2.05Yoke spring钎卡弹簧1.50
19GB889-86 M14 I Hex.locking nutI型非金属嵌件六角锁紧螺母1.70
20GB6172-86 M10 I Hex.thin nut六角薄螺母0.70
21GB93-87 10Spring Pad标准型弹簧垫圈0.50
22YT24-3.21Control handle操纵手把5.50
23YT24-3.22Fixing pin紧固销5.80
24YT24-3.31handle bolt把手螺栓13.00
25Y24-3.29Rubber handle胶皮手把3.30
26GB848-85 16Pad垫圈0.60
27GB889-86 M16I Hex.locking nutI型非金属嵌件六角锁紧螺母1.10
28Y20LY-3.23Water valve注水阀体9.20
30YT25-3.09Water tube sleeve水针套0.50
31Y20LY-3.04Water tube水针1.10
32FS13-11Rubber pad胶垫0.60
33Y20LY-3.08Back head柄体115.00
34Y20LY-3.07Big seal sleeve大密封套0.60
35GB6175-86 M14I Hex.locking nutI型六角锁紧螺母0.80
36GB93-87 M14Spring pad垫圈0.50
37Y20LY-3.02Side bolt长螺杆6.00
38Y20LY-3.27Left Handle左手把11.00
40YT25-3.21Setting pin定位销0.80
41Y20LY-3.03Control valve操纵阀18.00
42GB1235-7928*3.1 O- rubber seal ringO型密封圈0.50
43YT24-3.30Seal ring密封圈0.50
44YT24-3.19Steel retaining ring钢丝卡环0.70
45GB1235-7622×2.4 O- rubber seal ringO型密封圈0.40
46YT24-3.24Steel retaining ring钢丝卡环0.70
47Y20LY-3.11Air connection tube气管弯14.00
48Y20LY-3.18Water connection tube水管弯6.50
4919-16Pipe connector管接套10.50
5019-01Wing nut蝶型螺母
5119-04Conical pipe connector锥形胶管接套
52ZBJ15001ф38 Hoopф38喉箍1.30
53YO18-3.08Rubber handle胶把4.50
54Y20LY-3.27Right handle右手把6.50

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