Rod Repair Equipment H22

  • 锥度磨钎机1
  • 锥度磨钎机4
  • 锥度磨钎机3
  • 锥度磨钎机2
  • 锥度磨钎机1
  • 锥度磨钎机4
  • 锥度磨钎机3
  • 锥度磨钎机2


The product is mainly used to restore the function of the
H22 drill rod after damage, and improve the utilization of the
Rate, easy to operate, practical and efficient.



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Equipment parameters

  Shape size: long 735mm high 1010mm wide 595mm
  Weight 120Kg
  Using voltage 380V 50Hz

The main mechanism of the equipment

The main structure of the equipment is shown in Figure, with the main body and the workpiece tightened.Cutting mechanism, shield and other mechanisms.

1- base     2- motor    3- pulley 1    4- triangular belt    5- pulley 2     6- bearing 1     7- tool rack 1     8- gear 1
9- gear 2  10- hob   11- tool holder 2   12- bearing 2  13- tighten the chuck   14- slider   15- support plate
16- cone axis   17- angle plate

Installation of equipment

Ensure the level and firmness of the equipment at the time of installation, and the place of installation should be paid
attention to the operation, maintenance and repair of the equipment.

 Lubrication of equipment

Before the equipment work, it is necessary to check and check the lubrication condition, so as to determine the quality,
quality, quantity and position of the equipment. Fixed-point lubrication to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and improve the service life.

Equipment operation

1.Connect the power supply and let the equipment run empty for 1-2 minutes.
2.Move the handle to the chuck close to the support plate A.
3.Marking the end of the distance brazing rod at the end of 330mm.
4.Put the rod into the chuck.The identification of the step 6.3 brazing rod is aligned with the outer edge of the support plate A, and the workpiece is tightened.
5.Slowly moving the handle, the speed of about 1-1.2mm/seconds, Repair of brazing rod at uniform speed.

Safety precautions

1.In the work must be a good shield.
2.Wear glasses when working
3.The work piece is slow and constant speed.The tool scrap and other parts can be damaged if the force is not too strong.
4.The equipment must check whether the connection parts are loose before starting.It must be guaranteed that the connection is firm.

Quality assurance

Free replacement of parts that are damaged by nonhuman errors within three months of receipt of the goods (for example: motor, bearing, spindle, etc.), cutting tools belong to consumable goods, and will not be replaced free of