CIR90 DTH hammer with sub top thread F48*N10

High efficiency and tunable valved air cycle to optimize performance on your compressor. Many models also feature a heat resistant steel valve which keeps on working even in the most demanding quarry and mining applications.

ProDrill DTH Hammers and Bits
ProDrill are a world leading manufacturer of Down-The-Hole (DTH) rock drilling equipment with over 15 years of history. All of the products are manufactured to the highest standards right here in
We offer a comprehensive range of DTH hammers, from small diameter low pressure BR range, to the Hyper high pressure hammers up to 24″. The hammers are used around the world for different drilling applications including mining, quarrying, piling, civil engineering, pole drilling, geothermal and water well drilling.
As well as DTH hammers Bulroc also manufacture overburden drilling systems including the patented CDS-RS system and a wide range of button bits, shock absorbers and drilling accessories.

Rock drilling tools manufacturer Prodrill DTH hammers are available in sizes from 2″ to 24″ for Down The Hole hammer bits are available in sizes from 2″ to 36″, with all shanks, multiple face, and with a variety of tungsten carbide button styles to suit a wide variety of drilling conditions and rock formation.

CIR90 DTH hammer with sub top thread F48*N10-ProDrill

ProDrill DTH hammer products offers a wide range of quality, versatile DTH hammers to interchangeable, or replace a number of leading industry manufacturers. Hammers are available for down hole and blast hole, water well, gas, mining  applications and use in nearly all ground conditions. Most DTH hammers are designed for use with the industry’s most common rock drill bits shank types such as DHD, QL, Cop, Mission, SD, Numa, BR.


CIR90 DTH hammer with sub top thread F48*N10-ProDrill CIR90 DTH hammer with sub top thread F48*N10-ProDrill

DTH hammer parts list:

 低风压潜孔冲击器  Low air pressure hammers
产品数据参数 Product data parameters:
   总长度 Hammer length without bit:855(mm)
   后接头螺纹 Top sub thread:F48×10PIN
   外径 Outside diameter:80(mm)
   重量 Weight:22(KGS)
   钻头直径 Bit diameter:90-120(mm)
   工作风压 Working pressure:4-12(Bar)
   耗气量 Air comsumption:8-12(M3/min)
1、后接头 Top Sub Cir90–90A-18、阀片 ValveCir90–90A-8
2、顶头 CapCir90–90A-29、阀座 Air DistributorCir90–90A-9
3、逆止阀 Check ValveCir90–90A-310、气缸 Inner CylinderCir90–90A-10
4、弹簧 SpringCir90–90A-411、活塞 PistonCir90–90A-11
5、铁垫圈 ShimCir90–90A-512、导向套 Guide SleeveCir90–90A-12
6、橡胶圈 Rubber RingCir90–90A-613、前接头 Drive SubCir90–90A-13
7、阀盖 Valve CapCir90–90A-714、外套管 Outer SleeveCir90–90A-14

CIR90DTH Hammer

CIR90 DTH hammer with sub top thread F48*N10-ProDrill

For more details please watch PDF online: DTH Hammers Catalogue


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